How to propagate ficus

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Propagation Ficus cuttings that root easily in a bottle with water.To this end, in March-April in the adult plants are cut off the tops of the shoots bearing the 1-3 leaf, with growth point.Milky juice on the cut washed with lukewarm water.The roots develop in 3-4 weeks, and then the young plants are planted in pots with a diameter of 7-9 cm into the prepared soil mixture (turf, peat, ground sheet in equal parts with the addition of a small amount of sand).

air layering propagation method is quite simple too.It is particularly appropriate if you want to extend the life of already old Ficus.In the spring on the shoot, intended for cuttings,

make a circular incision around the trunk or remove a narrow strip of bark.To attach this place a flower pot with a diameter of 7-9 cm. Pre-sawed it in half and cut out a strip on the side until the middle of the bottom, so you can put the pot in the trunk exhaust escape.An incision in the trunk should fit in the middle.Pot strengthen on the plant by means of two pe

gs driven into the ground, to which it is tied with string.Cut into the pot lay fanerku or a piece of tar paper to the ground does not spill.The bottom of the pot and the walls draped wet moss and peat or leaf sprinkled the ground with him.The land should be well cover the incision in the trunk, moss is used to maintain a constant humidity.Instead of the pot for the same purpose, you can use a piece of matting, foam, polyethylene, Funtikov rolled around the trunk;fixed bast, cord, and so on. n.

method for producing air layering gives excellent results.After 1.5-2 months the roots develop around the incision;then carefully remove the wrapper, rooted below the tip of the roots of the place of education is cut and planted in an appropriate size container.The result is very fine, not elongated, with a thick, well-leafy crown of the plant.With the large ficus specimens can be removed several air outlets.The remaining leafless trunks cut while watered very little liberally sprinkling water until

from dormant buds are not new shoots will appear.Then increase the watering and the plant is covered with new shoots.

During the multiplication of leaf and bud mature cut escape is cut into pieces with a single sheet.Leaf gently roll into a tube, connect and put in the sand through a straw rolled sheet passed peg that stuck in the sand.Before boarding the lower section of the cutting and splitting cleave insert a grain of sand, stone, piece of wood chips - to splitting did not sleep.

reasons for falling off the leaves of the fig Ficus Although fairly hardy plant, it can damage the same factors as other houseplants.It is important to keep in mind about them:

depletion of plants in the winter to extremely high temperature of the rooms;

excessively dry air in the room;

overdrying land in the pot, which grows Ficus;

irrigating with cold water (below 12 ° C);

an excessive amount of moisture in the pot;

lack or excess of nutrients, micronutrient deficiencies;

depletion of plant pests (spider mites and scale insects);

untimely removal of dust from the leaves;

rotting of the root system;

hypothermia in a pot of soil from drafts in the winter;

mismatch plant's root system volume of the pot;

harsh lighting differences, for example the lack of light in winter, and a very bright light in the spring;

a sharp increase or decrease in

temperature in the room.