How to grow figs indoors

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

When grown indoors figs can be propagated and seeds, but the process begins to bear fruit tree only on the 4-5th year.And if you use vegetative reproduction, ie, cuttings and layering, the fruit can be obtained already on 2-3rd year.

Cuttings carried out in the spring - before the start of growth, and in the summer - from June to August.It can be used for rooting and green and woody cuttings (the root is easier).Take cuttings of 10-15 cm in length with 3-4 buds with fruit-bearing specimens.In order to facilitate rooting, the lower part of the stalk crosswise incision or make a scratch on it lengthwise.Are planted in the same soil mixture as in fig reproduction (see. Above) to a depth of 3-5 cm. Place the soil generally in shallow boxes, covered with the top landing of glass or plastic wrap and kept at a temperature of 20-24 ° C.Rooting typically occurs within 20-25 days.After transplantation into pots and the appearance of the seventh leaf begin to form the crown: start with topping the terminal bud.Fro

m the left side shoots 3-4, and further trimmed excessively growing side shoots of the second-order branch.

In the period of active growth fed mineral mixtures 2 times a month.Once during the season it is recommended to spray the plant with 0.05% potassium permanganate solution and 0.05% solution of copper sulfate (copper sulfate).

Figs - the plant is deciduous, so in winter it is better to keep indoor air temperature of 3-5 ° C.If it is difficult to create such conditions, then it must be watered less, but at the same time to spray more.Under normal ambient conditions in a dormant period figs fairly short: the leaves fall in November, and at the end of December the plant already start to grow.In February, the leaves are formed, and at the same time they can come and stems.They ripen in June and July.Those stems, which are fastened in the fall, usually not mature.

in late spring or summer, with the onset of warm days, the fig tree is recommended to move to the open air.