Orange useful properties

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evergreen fruit tree of the genus Citrus of the family Rutaceae (Rutaceae), mycorrhizal fruit tree rootstocks on the tall - the height of 12 m, on the dwarf - 4-6. M, grows in tropical and subtropical climates.The word "orange" - German origin, means "Chinese apple."

Crohn spherical or pyramidal, compact, densely leafy.Branches often with spines, the length of which in the SEE-nilnyh shoots up to 10 cm The leaves are large, leathery, dark green, glossy, glabrous, entire (at the top of the sheet, fine serration), egg-shaped, with a special.;winged petioles.Flowers axillary, white, fragrant, solitary or in corymbs, bisexual.

The fruit - multilocular berry, spherical or slightly elongated, from light orange to reddish-orange;peel usually smooth, dense, not bitter, easily separated from the pulp.Fruit pulp is firm, sweet or sour-sweet.

orange Homeland - South-East Asia (China and India), sometimes cultivated in Russia.

Medicinal raw materials are the fruits.Juice orange fruit good thirst quencher in feve

rish conditions, it is taken as an effective means of prevention and treatment of hypo-and avitaminosis, diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, liver, atherosclerosis, hypertension, gout, constipation.

However, orange juice is contraindicated in patients with ulcer disease of the gastrointestinal tract, gastritis with high acidity of gastric juice.
healing properties of orange healers were known to Arab and European physicians of the Middle Ages.

In folk medicine, dried fruit peel was used to excite the appetite, colds, coughs, as well as in malignant ulcers, kidney disease, gastrointestinal diseases, in the treatment of kidney stones and other illnesses.Alcohol tincture of orange peel was recommended as an effective febrifuge and as a means of stopping uterine bleeding, helps with heavy menstrual flow, and menopause.

Some medieval doctors wrote: to stop uterine bleeding, the surest means of unripe oranges are cooked in their skins.

Romans used water from orange blossom to treat hangovers and indigestion.Ancient Arab physicians used this fruit for the treatment of nervous system disorders -.. As a means to combat apathy, depression, fear, irritability, etc.

In traditional Chinese medicine doctors recommended oranges with nausea, feeling of fullness in the abdomen and stomach area, dysentery, with omission of the stomach and uterus.

doctor Nigrozelli orange peel effect compared with the effect of quinine.Patients with fever, he recommended a daily basis (2-3 times a day) to make powders from crushed orange peel.Milan doctor prescribed Septalius orange peel broth, to appease the strong menstruation.In Italy, from distilled orange blossom special water that was recommended as a diaphoretic and styptic.

Some doctors recommend a daily basis to eat some oranges - as the best remedy against flu, boils and improve intestinal activity.Already in the beginning of the XVIII century, the lemon juice and orange was considered the best remedy for scurvy.

Nowadays, many doctors of ancient intuitions confirmed by scientific medicine and biochemical research.

The juicy pulp orange fruits contain ascorbic acid (up to 65 mg per 100 g), B vitamins, B2, A and F. As well as large amounts of sugar (10%) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, potassium).Furthermore, citric acid, pectin, coloring compounds (plant pigments) and volatile.several kinds of essential oils found in the skin of an orange.

fruits are used for the prevention and treatment of hypo-and avitaminosis.Orange juice improves metabolism, has a slight tonic effect, stimulates appetite and improves digestion.Therefore, it is recommended for hypoacid gastritis (ie, patients with low acidity of gastric juice), is indicated for the reduction of biliary excretion and a tendency to chronic constipation.Oranges and juice from the fruit contain large amounts of pectins, which promote bowel emptying.This reduces the development of putrefactive processes and a reduced amount of intake of substances harmful to the organism.Eating oranges limit when hyperacidity gastritis (with increased acidity of gastric juice) and gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcer.

now studied the ability of pectin contained in fruits and orange peel, reduce blood sugar levels in both healthy people and patients with diabetes mellitus.

Due to the large amount of potassium fruits have quite pronounced diuretic (ie diuretic) action.The seeds of oranges and other citrus fruits are used for pain in the groin area, pain in the testicles (hernia, hydrocele), pain in the penis during erection, or after sexual intercourse.

Orange juice has anti-viral, anti-allergic and anti-inflammatory action.It prevents colds.Orange, eaten with the peel, inhibits oral Trichomonas - the causative agent of periodontitis.

helps the fruit and for violations of water-salt metabolism in the body - fluid retention, edema.It prevents formation of blood clots.Scientists also believe that eating oranges reduces the risk of cancer - this is due to the presence of antioxidants (substances that regulate the oxidative processes at the cellular level).Due to the high content of antioxidants not only reduces the risk of cancer - the whole body is experiencing a rejuvenating effect.This ability orange fruit evaluated and Estheticians - many well-known companies are using orange essential oils for moisturizing and regenerating cream.Juice and orange essential oil is widely used in cosmetics for the care of problem skin, to combat cellulite.So do not wonder when something orange fruits were named in the legends and myths "golden apples of youth."

Oranges are eaten, of course, first of all, in its raw form;widely used in food industry as raw material for the preparation of juices, drinks, jams, jellies, and so on. d.

essential oil used for flavoring food and medicines and as an independent curative ingredient in aromatherapy.


Corky pachyderms with oranges soaked two or three days in cold water, changing the water 3 times a day.Then boil them for 20 minutes in water, drained it, peel dipped in boiling syrup (1 kg cakes 1.2 kg of sugar and three cups of water), remove from the heat and allowed to stand 5-6 hours.Then again, put on fire, bring to a boil and cook another 5-7 minutes, again remove from heat and allowed to stand for 10-12 hours, and so repeat 5-6 times.At the end of cooking, add 3 g of citric acid and by removing from heat, stand 2-3 hours, recline in a colander and allow to drain the syrup, laid out on a platter or plates and dried.


first method. peeled oranges are divided into slices, remove them with white fibers, put in jars and pour hot syrup (1 liter of water, 300 g sugar).Then, at 85 ° C is heated: half-liter cans 10 min liter - 15 or in boiling water - 3 and 5 minutes.

cooking compote can be from not divided into slices of oranges.They peeled and removing the white fibers, cut into four pieces and pour syrup;Banks heated at 85 ° C.

second method.Orange peel contain many vitamins and other nutrients, such as vitamin C in them - 170 mg% carotene - 0.22 mg% sugar - 8%, and 65 respectively in pulp mg%, 0.09% and 7 mg,5 %.Crusts

soaked in water for three days, changing the water 2-3 times a day.Then cut into pieces, boiled 20 minutes, water is drained, brown water cooled, put into cans, pour the syrup (1 liter of water, 400 g of sugar), 4 g of citric acid and is heated.

more delicious compote obtained from the crusts with cranberry juice (1 liter add 500-600 grams of sugar).

jam with orange zest grater or removed with a sharp knife, soaked in water for two days, changing the water 2-3 times a day.Then boiled 3-4 times for 5 minutes each time changing the water.Chilled orange cut across (on the ring), and even larger in half, dipped in syrup (1 kg of oranges 1,2 kg of sugar, and two cups of water).

Cook in three steps from left standing until it is ready;at the end of cooking, add 4.5 g of citric acid.

Delicious orange dessert.

This will require 350 g of fresh carrots, 4 oranges, 150 ml white wine, 3 tablespoons of powdered sugar, 300 grams of cream and 2 egg whites.

Crumble cookies and place in a deep dish.Peel and films, 3 oranges, slices, place in a dish.Grate the zest of the remaining orange.Squeeze orange juice.Connect the zest and juice with white wine and sugar.Stir until the sugar dissolves.Whip the cream and protein, connect them to the wine mixture.Mixtures fill cakes and hold 2 hours on the cold.Before serving, garnish with fresh berries.

Orange milk

750 grams of milk, 0.5 cups of orange juice and condensed milk whip.Serve chilled with cookies.

Salad of oranges with cucumber

2 servings

1/2 cucumber, 2 oranges, 200 grams of cottage cheese, 3 tablespoons.olive oil, 1 tbsp.spoon of lemon juice.

Cucumbers cut into slices, orange peel, disassemble into slices, cut them into 4 pieces.Mix the cucumber, oranges, cottage cheese, lemon juice and olive oil.

Orange wine

3 kg of oranges, 4.5 liters of boiling water, 4.5 liters of juice -6 cups of sugar, 0.5 st.spoons of yeast, the juice of 2 lemons.

prepared according to the recipe of wine from rhubarb, but yeast is applied to the biscuit and then added to the juice.

Orange sweetened beverage

4 servings

900 ml of boiling water, 225 g sugar, 3 poskoblennyh orange, 1 h. Spoon of citric acid.

Pour boiling water on the sugar in a saucepan.Gently heat while stirring until sugar is dissolved.Remove from the heat, squeeze the juice from the oranges, then peel and chop the flesh and also add.Enter citric acid.Leave to cool, stirring occasionally.Strain and zakuporte in the bottle when completely cool.Store in the refrigerator for 3 weeks.

Vitaminnoe treat

Put the lemon (orange) for 1 minute in hot water.Then mince, add 100 g of butter and 1 tablespoon of honey.Kids love this oil there in the morning before school.

orange julep

Orange juice 100 g Lemon juice Honey '20 '10

Mint Syrup '30

components are thoroughly mixed, cooled and drink through a straw.

apple julep

Apple juice 100 g Lemon juice Honey '30 '20

Mint Syrup Cider '30 '30

All components are thoroughly mixed and cooled.