Useful and therapeutic properties of mandarin

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Mandarin - an evergreen subtropical plant of the same genus citrus family rue.No information about its origin is currently very small.It is likely that it is the birthplace of China or Japan.In Europe, he got out of Southeast Asia only in the XIX century.Europeans first learned of the mandarins of the works of Michel Neapolitan tenor, and in 1840 he had introduced these trees in Naples.From there, an attractive novelty quickly spread throughout the Mediterranean.But tangerine trees that grow in our

area of ​​the Black Sea coast, is not even a hundred years.Now the biggest tangerine plantations are located in the countries of Southern Europe and South America, Japan and China.Mandarin - the most hardy of all the citrus culture, why it is so widely cultivated in subtropical regions.Mature fruits

mandarin contain up to 10-12% of sugars, organic acids (particularly citric acid) pectic substances, mineral salts, glycosides, essential oils, vitamins, pro-vitamin A and vitamin E, ascorbic acid, and other

valuable organicscompound.

100 g pulp of the ripe fruit mandarin contains 40-50 mg of ascorbic acid - vitamin C. It is a fairly well preserved in the fruit, so the mandarins are practically useful until the next harvest.Active vitamin C fruits of mandarin retain even during freezing.Vitamin C increases the body's defenses, poses a barrier to acute respiratory viral infections.By neutralizing free radicals, it helps to prevent cardiovascular diseases and cancer, as well as slows the aging process.

presence in the fruit of mandarin both vitamins C and E is beneficial to the condition of the connective tissue, increasing collagen synthesis in it.As a result, the skin becomes supple and elastic, improves the condition of the gums.So, if you regularly eat tangerines, it helps you to not only slow down the formation of wrinkles, but also serves as an excellent prevention of periodontitis.

Among the mineral substances contained in Mandarin, is dominated by potassium and calcium compounds.They are needed for normal bone formation and function, and muscle tissue of teeth.Therefore, tangerines are particularly useful in fluid retention in the body, with muscle cramps.

Phytoncides tangerine juice are responsible for its antimicrobial action.This allows use its fruits as a drug for diseases of the gastrointestinal tract.They help normalize digestion, regulate motility disorders of the intestine.Activity phytoncids fresh tangerine juice is very high: it is able to kill even some fungi that cause serious skin diseases (eg, trichophytosis and microsporia which can "reward" ringworm).In addition, the juice of this citrus is used also as an anthelmintic.

Do not forget about this valuable medicinal raw materials like the peel mandarins.Therapists say its expectorant and anti-inflammatory effects, as well as the ability to increase appetite.Infusions and decoctions of dried tangerine peel in the water 1:10 drink to alleviate cough, when tracheitis and bronchitis.

and tangerines are rich in carotene, for example, beta-carotene.Carotenes - plant pigments, for admission to the diet of these forms of vitamin A. Especially a lot of beta-carotene in the skin of the fruit - it is useful to eat and fresh, and candied fruit, add cottage cheese, puddings, pastries.Beta-carotene is not only a "precursor" of vitamin A in the body, but also regulates the cellular immune system (i.e., serves as an immunomodulator).Now we study the ability of mandarin prevent the development of cardiovascular disease and cancer, as well as its ability to protect our body from harmful radiation.

In addition, tangerine peel contains essential oils.Its complex includes citral, aldehydes, bitter glycoside hesperidin (remember the legendary gardens of the Hesperides!), Alcohols.Aromatherapists recommend inhale this oil for nervous disorders, sleep disorders, migraines.It is possible for the same purpose, and to prepare tea from tangerine peel (at the rate of 2 teaspoons crushed dried peel in a glass of boiled water).

Aqueous and alcoholic extracts of peel stimulate appetite, have expectorant action, as well as exhibit hypoglycemic effect - it allows their use in the treatment of patients with diabetes.

From mandarins prepared compotes, jams, marmalades and jellies.Flour peel is added as a vitamin product cakes.

Fruits mandarin - a valuable dietary product.Their use, especially in winter, improves the body's resistance against various diseases, they have the ability to increase appetite, improve metabolism.Tangerine peel (zest) are used for flavoring various drugs as a substitute of orange or lemon peel.

Fruits and fruit juice - an effective anti-scorbutic and fungicidal (antifungal) means.In folk medicine, popular alcoholate from the peel of the fruit to improve appetite and digestion, removal of inflammatory processes in the bronchi and upper respiratory tract, cough mitigation.

Chinese traditional medicine uses a tincture of the skin, its water infusion or decoction for coughs, bronchitis, nausea, and stomach as well as an aid to improve digestion.

tangerine oil. Eliminates premature wrinkles and stretch marks.It can be applied with massage avocado oil: 20 g of avocado oil + 5 drops mandarin oil.Relieves inflammation of the bronchi, soothes cough.Included in the male and female sensual mixes.Methods of application: 20 drops per day with water for half an hour before a meal inside;bath - 5-6 drops;Massage - 3-4 drops per 10 g of carrier oil.

Did you know that 7 drops of tangerine essential oil diluted in dessert spoon of vegetable oil - one of the most efficient prevention of skin laxity.The sooner you begin this procedure (after thirty long overdue), the more chances you have for a long time to maintain youthful appearance.Learn more about the benefits of essential oils, see here.

Tangerine peel will help in the absence of appetite and sluggish digestion.2 tablespoons chopped fresh peel pour 250 ml of vodka and leave in a tightly sealed container, shaking daily.After a week strain.Take 20-25 drops of tincture three times a day for half an hour before meals.This is a medicine indicated for tracheitis and pneumonia.

Bronchitis useful such broth 2 tablespoons chopped tangerine peel pour 300 ml of water, boil for half an hour, cool and strain.This calculated amount of the drug per day.You only intend to get sick?Know that for the prevention of the common cold there is nothing better tangerine juice with a teaspoon of white wine.It helps this agent and insomnia.

Your problem - mastitis?Mix 100 g of chopped tangerine peel and 20 g of licorice root, pour two glasses of water, simmer for half an hour, strain.This amount of broth to drink in two stages - in the morning and evening.Relief comes in 3-4 days.

Useful Mandarin and "beauty guidance" in the Mix one teaspoon of dry rind, sour cream and egg yolk Apply the product on face and neck for 20 minutes, 15-20 such masks - and you just do not know myself:... A beautiful complexionand lack of wrinkles guaranteed

tangerines eat fresh from them prepare compotes, jams, marmalades very tasty treat -.... dried tangerine

with mandarins prepared fruit salads, added to salads with carrots and nuts, flour peel added to thebakery products.

Salad «Padishah»

2 servings

2-3 apple, tangerine 3, 100 grams of prunes, 3/4 cup mayonnaise, 3/4 cup sour cream, 10 g of powdered sugar.

Apples peeledand seeds, cut into strips. tangerines divided into segments. prunes boil, cool in the broth, to release from the bones and cut into pieces. mix apples, tangerines and plums, fill with a mixture of sour cream and mayonnaise.Salad sprinkled with powdered sugar.

Salad carrot with tangerines

1 carrot, 3 mandarin, a teaspoon of powdered sugar, the juice of half a lemon.

1. Raw carrots mine, cleanse and rub on a coarse grater.

2. Mandarins cleaned from skin and film and mix with carrots.

3. Powder stir in freshly squeezed lemon juice.

4. Refill salad and powder on top for decoration.

5. Podaaem chilled.


first method. peeled mandarin is divided into segments, remove them with white fibers, shift to the banks, pour syrup (1 liter of water 300 grams of sugar).Then, at 85 ° C heated 15 minutes liter jars.

second method.Smaller tangerines peeled, remove the white fibers, blanch in boiling water for 2 minutes with an immediate cooling.Stacked in banks and pour hot syrup (1 liter of water - 300 g sugar);at 85 ° C is heated: liter jars - 15, two-liter - 20 minutes.

Jam.On jam taken intact whole fruit, they are kept for two days in cold water, changing the water 2-3 times a day.Then boil in boiling water for 10 minutes, each fruit prick in several places, or cut in half and dipped in boiling syrup (1 kg tangerines - 1.2 kg of sugar and two cups of water), allow to boil, remove from heat, allowed to stand 5-6hours, then put on the fire, cook in three doses with left standing between WARC for 10-12 hours.After cooking ^ 3 added 4 g of citric acid.

Use mandarins for the production of fruit and water in the alcoholic beverage industry.Tangerine juice containing pulp valuable substances, is not only refreshing, but also diet drinks.