Various metabolic disorders in the body treatment citrus

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

When dropsy

The disease is manifested by the appearance of swelling in violation of water-salt metabolism in the body.Folk healers recommend in this case fasting for 3 days with the use of water with lemon (should consult a doctor!).Or, mix 200 grams of lemon juice and 200 g of honey and take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

Arthritis is recommended to drink a mixture of juices of grapefruit, celery, carrots and spinach, taken in equal amounts, or a mixture of grapefruit juice, celery and birch.Grapefruit juice helps dissolve foreign inorganic calcium, which causes hardening of the cartilage and ligaments in the accumulation of it in these places.As one of the ways to fight arthritis, traditional medicine offers a week-long fasting in the use of distilled water with lemon.With this method of treatment of pain is first amplified, but with each new week course gradually recede.Number of treatments depends on the degree of neglect of the disease.

When diabetes is recommended to use fresh lemons or their juic

e and rind decoction.To prepare the broth 2 tablespoons of lemon peel pour 2 cups water, boil in a sealed container for 30 minutes, insist 10 minutes, strain.Take 0,5 cup 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.

to fight with stones in the kidneys, liver, gall bladder and

This phenomenon suggests metabolic disorders in the body.Lemon prevents the formation of stones in these organs and helps to dissolve already formed.Folk medicine recommends drinking the juice of 1 lemon in a mixture with 0.5 cups hot water several times a day, and 0.5 cups of carrot mixture of beet and cucumber juices

3-4 times a day.It is believed that the stones should disappear within a few days or weeks, depending on their size.

Alternatively, add the juice of 1/3 lemon in the average value of 200 g of boiled cold water.Within 10 days of daily drink this mixture in 3 divided doses: the morning on an empty stomach, and at lunch and dinner - after a meal.should be done in the next 10 days, all the same, but increase the dose of juice - squeeze it out of the mean value 1/2 lemon.Simultaneously, two times a week for 60 g. take olive oil, adding a half lemon juice.On day 20, the stones are supposed to leave the urine without causing pain.

Diseases oral

For dental care, you can use lemon juice efficiently.For example, to rinse their mouth - it is useful for the prevention of caries and tartar deposits.The teeth will be whiter if to clean them paste or powder, to which is added a little bit of baking soda and 1-2 drops of lemon juice.

When periodontitis is helpful to rinse your mouth with infusion of mint or lemon peel and rub the inner side of the gum peels of lemon - it helps to destroy many bacteria, tones the gums, reducing their hemorrhage.

When stomatitis is recommended to rinse your mouth with a mixture of the following: dissolve in 1 glass of water at room temperature 1 tablespoon honey and 1 tablespoon of lemon spoon.

To improve the activity of the intestine, liver, gallbladder

For normal functioning of the intestines and prevent constipation is recommended on an empty stomach in the morning and in the evening before bedtime drink 1 glass of orange juice or eat 1-2 oranges.

this juice can be used for certain types of gastritis, peptic ulcer of the stomach and intestines - always consult with your doctor.

Citrus help to cope with diarrhea (diarrhea)

summer, the season of fresh herbs and vegetables, we can expect trouble with the stomach.And diarrhea is often arises from the fans of exotic holiday in hot countries.To prevent unpleasant phenomena is recommended to drink as much as possible of acidic beverages such as orange and grapefruit juice.The acidic environment has antibacterial properties and kills pathogens.

In diseases of the liver (hepatitis, cirrhosis) and gallbladder (cholecystitis)

Mix 1 kg of honey, 200 ml of olive oil, 4 minced lemon (from 2 lemons cut the peel).Store the mixture in a sealed container in the refrigerator, take 1 tablespoon 3 times a day for 30-40 minutes before meals.

To prevent gastritis in the morning, you can drink the juice of carrots, cabbage, grapefruit, cranberry, black and red currants.And on a night in such a mixture is useful to add a spoonful of aloe juice.

When bleeding of various origins

to stop nasal bleeding should enter into the nostrils cotton swabs soaked in lemon juice.If a strong bleeding, try to pull the nose liquid consisting of a glass of cold water and the juice of 1/4 lemon, hold it for 3-5 minutes, holding his nose with your fingers, sit quietly and wait, but do not go, but on the forehead and nose wet cold placetowel or ice.

ancient recipe with the help of heavy menstrual bleeding: Mix 6 egg proteins with a half teaspoon of citric acid and the mixture drink.Repeat as needed.

In severe uterine bleeding peel from 6-7 oranges pour 1.5 liters of water and cook until until it will be 0.5 liters of broth, strain it, add honey to taste.Drink 2 tablespoons 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.

When skin diseases

addition to receiving the lemon juice inside with herpes, eczema, fungus and warts is recommended to rub the juice of the affected area - itching and redness should decrease.If the skin on the body flakes like dandruff - it is a symptom of eczema Sebo Reina.It is possible to try to treat by applying to the sore spot for the night compresses of fresh orange peel.

Repeated rubbing tangerine juice cures are believed to skin affected by fungus.

for relieving headaches

Take a fresh lemon peel, peel off rind attach to his head wet side.Soon the red spot appears on the skin, which will start to burn and itch a little, but a headache at the same time will be held.Lemon will ease the pain and improve the tone.

Sometimes headaches can cause heat.At the first sign of bad condition of grease forehead and temples heated in the warm water of lemon pulp.The same representative of citrus will help you be in good shape all day long.To do this, you need to drink a glass of warm water with lemon before bed and in the morning, before leaving the house.

When chronic fatigue, prolonged stress, disorders of the nervous system

In these cases, traditional medicine is the best way to consider the reception before bedtime 1 teaspoon of honey and a little lemon juice to a glass of water.Lemon juice can be replaced by orange, grapefruit.This drink is recommended and children - stress is also not avoid them: what are alone school overload!Then add in a good anti-stress drink freshly ground nuts - such as walnuts.

Citrus fruits help to improve the condition of our sight, hearing, memory

Try to check this action on itself - for a month need to eat daily at least

1/4 lemon with the peel and at the same time to drink on an empty stomach and 1 tablespoon of olive oil.For the next month you need every day to eat a piece of licorice root the size of a bean, 1 teaspoon of seaweed powder and 2 tablespoons of seaweed, 5 grams of resin (resin), pine or spruce, and 1 tablespoon 2 times a day, aloe juice ortwo-centimetric piece of leaf aloe and honey.

Sharpens the sensitivity of our eyes and ears inhalation of essential oils of lemon or orange.

calm the nervous system of a drink from a fresh lemon.For 1 cup of water take juice of 1/4 lemon and 1 tablespoon of sugar, mix and add a piece of ice.drink Taste must be balanced - not sour nor sweet.It is recommended to drink 2-3 glasses of beverage a day, if your lifestyle is associated with a permanent or prolonged nervous tension.

When insomnia is recommended to drink at night and a mixture of 2 teaspoons of honey lemon juice 1 st or 2 teaspoons of apple cider vinegar.

soothing tea of ​​bitter orange (orange): 2 teaspoons of chopped peel pour 1/4 liter of boiling water, cover tightly and infuse for 10 minutes, then strain.Take just before bedtime and in situations of emotional strain.

You can make tea from the leaves and flowers of bitter orange.Leaves are particularly effective in emotional overload, flowers - with the state of internal disturbance, constantly elevated levels of anxiety.

Citrus against beriberi

best sources of vitamin C in the winter - all kinds of citrus and rose hips.

When hypo- and beriberi have long used the pure lemon juice is not diluted with water;sometimes slightly diluted it with honey - depending on the acid fruit.But this tool is not recommended at high acidity of gastric juice;talking to your doctor, you can replace it with other juices of citrus.

juice medicinal plants have the most natural effect on the body, as it is used without modification all of their medicinal value.In the fresh plant in unchanged form containing medicinal substances created by nature itself.At the same time, being in the same complex, they act very differently than purified preparation.Naturopaths recommend taking between 1 teaspoon to 2 tablespoons, that is, from 5 to 30 ml of juice on one reception.

Secrets obtaining juice: Squeeze the juice from the heated lemon better - for this we need to put it in very hot water for 5 minutes.After this "warming up" procedure will press juice better and faster.

At squeezing lemon juice should not squeeze too hard, so as not to damage the white part of the peel (scrapings) - when released into the juice it can give it a bitter taste.You can not crush and grain - the bitterness of at least one grain will spoil the juice.

happens that we need for some kind of beverage or salads a few drops of citrus juice.Then we can get the juice and not cutting the fruit.It's enough to pierce the skin of a match or a small pointed stick.The resulting hole and then plug the same stick - in this way the fruit may remain for a long time without spoiling.

Recommend juice and mix in the form of cocktails, which should be prepared immediately before use.