What is needed for normal fruiting citrus

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

important to know how to properly form the crown of trees - that is, what are the types of branches, and in what order they appear.Then you can control the timing and the beginning of fruiting - through timely vaccination and trimming processes.

The fruits appear in citrus fruits on the branches of the fourth and higher orders.Fruited citrus, as a rule, shorter, thinner, horizontal shoots (fruit growers call them "spurs").

If krone citrus trees formed correctly, it looks nice: almost spherical, with small, densely leafy branches fruit with ample vegetative shoots.The more Krone filled with small fruit branches, the more yield you can expect from the trees.

properly formed tree should have a small shtamb - 10-15 cm in height (shtamb - fruit of the tree trunk from the root collar to the first skeletal branches of the crown).Also it should be correctly positioned 3-4 lateral branches of the first order.When forming the crown have to follow the order of the branching twigs.

in the middle lane, when an un

usual subtropical plants to short day on lemons often develop large, so-called "fatliquoring" shoots clogging others.But these rapidly growing shoots, as well as the branches of the first and third orders, the fruits do not appear.What can be done?Upper branches and shoots that grow quickly in the vertical direction, and often do not bear fruit, it should be shortened by using cutting or grafting.Do not be afraid to cut too fluffy crown of your lemon trees!Mark the height of the trunk, count 4 normal kidney and cut unnecessary shoots above these kidneys.The remaining kidney will soon give life shoots of the new order.Of these, again select and leave the 3-4 most accurately located, and the other cut.

shoots have reached 20-30 cm, pintsiruyut - that is, pinch, removing the tip, to stop the growth in length.When the newly grown shoots ripen, cut them again - at 15-20 cm

Weak plants after the first pruning is sometimes formed only two shoots of the first order..In this case, a strong cut very short (2-3 buds), for forcing the missing skeletal, ie, forming a crown of branches.

Cut branches grow shoots of the first order of the second order.Of these, leave only 2-3 on each branch, and after aging pintsirovki pruned to 20-25 cm, after which they give a third-order shoots.

in one year shoots can grow two orders of magnitude, and the formation of the crown end of the fourth order in growing shoots.Only then our tree is ready to go in the period of fruiting.

Once the plant is beginning to bear fruit, it should be trimmed every year.First trim make the spring, in the period of intensive growth.Cut need:

small, to dry out the ends of branches, which were the fruit (usually without leaves);

«fatliquoring" shoots;

sick, dry and broken, or those that grow in the interior of the crown;

those too thickened crown.Zhiruyuschuyu crown pruned to 20-25 cm for

form small fruiting branches that will harvest the following year.After cutting the branches grows to a large number of new shoots, of which should be left for 2-3, the most powerful and properly placed on each branch.

If the plant blooms profusely and fruits, giving the new growth, while in the period butoniztsii should be cut every 2-3 minutes shoots on 2/3 length.Short clipping causes the appearance of new shoots that will bear fruit in the next year.

Long shoots bear fruit already, trimmed too short.All unnecessary processes that occur on the trunk, branches, and skeletal branches of the crown, should be destroyed immediately - cut or plucking.

sign of a strong and healthy plants is the growth of vegetative shoots at the same time of flowering and fruiting.The lack of growth tells about the weakening of the tree and unfavorable growing conditions for it.


This is a very important condition for the cultivation of a strong tree - if it is done in a timely manner.If the nutrients the plant is not enough, the ovaries begin to fall, flowers and fruits.Citrus fruit when grown in the room are fed in the period of mass fruit set, ie in May-June.This should be done regularly, every 10-15 days.For dressing take mineral salts solution: 10 liters of water - 7 of nitrate, 5 g of potassium salt and 0.25 liters of boiled superphosphate.Superphosphate prepared as follows: 50 g. superphosphate are dissolved in 1 liter of water, boiled for 30 minutes, cooled and decanted.The resulting concentrated solution before upotreblenito affects the scale insects, spider mites.With heavy infestation of the plants must be treated with insecticide formulation to regulate humidity.

Fight citrus pests can using citrus themselves.Toxic to aphids and mealybugs broth of orange peel.A kilogram of dry crusts pour 10 liters of warm water and leave for three days in a warm dark place.Infusion used undiluted for processing plants.