Useful and therapeutic properties of anise

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Annual herb up to 60 cm. Taproot slender, whitish.Stem erect, melkoborozdchaty, upward branching.The leaves at the base of the vaginal;radical - dlinnochereshcha Tide, whole;stem - trifoliate, at the top - nearly sessile, three-, quinquepartite with linear or lanceolate lobes.Sheet tight vagina.The flowers are small, white, gathered in a complex umbrella.Corolla regular, five-petal, petals white.5 stamens, pistil with lower dvugnezdovoy ovary.Fruit - egg-shaped, slightly flattened greenish-gray dvusemyanki.Blooms in July-August.The fruits ripen in September.

cultivated in the Voronezh region for medical and technical needs.The plant is often bred in gardens and front gardens.

Medicinal raw materials are the fruit - "seeds".Ready raw material - a yellowish-gray fruit with 10 prominent ribs, fragrant, sweet-spicy taste.

current starting anise fruit is the essential oil, in addition to essential oil, the seeds also contain fatty oil.

Anis has long been used in medicine as an expectorant and weak disinfe

ctant, and increases motor, secretory function of the gastrointestinal tract means, in particular as a carminative.Also used in bronchitis, cough, constipation and how to improve the taste of other drugs.

In folk medicine, in addition to this, anise is used to enhance the separation of milk in lactating women, as a diuretic, choleretic and obschevozbuzhdayuschee means.It is used to excite the appetite, reduce dyspnea, thirst quencher.Anise is recommended for painful menstruation, diarrhea and intestinal bleeding, and mixed with egg white - topically to treat burns.


tincture in vodka: 44 g per 200 ml;200 g per 1 liter of alcohol 90 °.

Broth:. 1 teaspoon of crushed anise fruit make a glass of boiling water, after a 20-minute infusion of strain and drink a quarter cup before meals 3-4 times a day (a mild laxative and carminative), as an expectorant, with asthmatic attacks.

leaves are eaten as a salad garnish.The infusion take 5-10 drops to receive three times daily.