Useful and therapeutic properties of mountain arnica

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Perennial herb with a thick short rhizome.Stem single, rarely somewhat rough short glandular hairs, 50-80 cm in height, for the most part with a few opposite, located above the middle of the branches, stems less simple.Leaves entire, top puberulent, lower collected in the outlet of 4-6 pressed to the soil basal leaves, stem leaves few, in the amount of one or two pairs, sessile, opposite.Baskets are large, up to 7 cm in diameter, solitary, rarely double, located on the top of the stem and lateral branches emerging from the axils of the upper pair of leaves.Wrap baskets of 1-2 rows of nearly identical leaves.Marginal flowers pistillate, yellow-orange with a latch on the top of Tridentata whisk;Middle - are bisexual, tubular;both are fitted with rather long tuft - cup.Fruit - hairy, narrow;seeds - long, with a tuft of stiff hairs.Flowers in June-early July.

growing in light pine - zelenomoshnikah, clearings, forest edges and meadows, in the transition areas of pine forests in drained swamp grass, etc.

With the purpose of treatment using flowers, and sometimes the roots...It is used as a decoction for stomach disorders, gastric (poisonous plant), with Zabolev

tions caused by heavy lifting, dysentery, bronchitis, gout, flu, heart disease, seizures, epilepsy, brain concussion and apoplexy (brain haemorrhage)and as diuretic.With a cold drink a decoction of herbs or flowers.

Outwardly, these drugs are used as a strong hemostatic agent with extensive wounds, bruises and tumors (blood), neuralgic pains.


Broth: 10 g per 200 ml, 1 tbsp.spoon three times a day, before meals.

tincture: it is made usually from 100 arnica flowers to 1 liter of 70 ° alcohol or vodka.The dose of alcohol tincture - 30-40 drops of vodka - 60-70 drops three times a day.

tincture in vodka washed the wound, making dressings, compresses applied to the injured spot, taken from abdominal pain, when damaged bones.

When washing wounds (open) infusion is better to plant at a ratio of 1:10.

decoction of the roots of Arnica: South to 200ml of water, 1 tbsp.spoon 2 times a day after meals with atherosclerosis as an aphrodisiac agent cardiac activity.