Useful and therapeutic properties of Astragalus pushistotsvetkovogo

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

(centaury, hop, hop, sweet, feline peas)

Perennial, villous pubescent plant to 35 cm tall.Stems erect or ascending, sometimes shortened.compound leaves, imparipinnate, 10-18 pairs of leaflets, silky-hairy, with loose, sharp, triangular-lanceolate stipules.Flowers are yellow, the wrong (butterfly), with woolly bract, in dense capitate-globular inflorescences.Fruit - Bob hairy, ovate-triangular, truncated at the top.Blossoms in May-June.Fruiting in July and August.

Distributed by the plant in the south-east, in the steppe and forest-steppe areas, and in the European part of Russia - in the Voronezh, Kursk and Tambov regions.It occurs in the steppes, steppe slopes.

As a medicinal plant use of the land, collected during flowering, gum (tragacanth) - juice, protruding from the natural fractures and cuts stem densely branched shrub Astragalus, melkogolovchatogo and some other astragalus.In grass

Astragalus pushistotsvetkovogo contained in a relatively large amount of iron, calcium, aluminum, phosphorus,

magnesium and sodium;in moderation - barium, silicon, strontium, molybdenum, vanadium and manganese.The gum polysaccharides found - Besso

rin (60%) and arabino (10.03%);starch;Sahara;slimy substance strongly swellable, but slightly soluble in water;coloring agents;organic acids and traces of nitrogen compounds.

In medical practice, the infusion of Astragalus fluffy flowering has been successfully used in patients with chronic heart failure, accompanied by tachycardia, venous congestion of internal organs and swelling, as well as in the treatment of angina, hypertension and vascular diseases of the kidneys.As a result of the treatment there is an increase of blood flow speed, tachycardia disappearance, normalization of blood pressure, improved heart filling, lowering venous pressure, increased diuresis, accompanied by a decrease in edema.

In addition, astragalus pushistotsvetkovy be used to treat cardiovascular disease, accompanied by violation of coronary circulation and angina.Under the influence of astragalus in patients weakened and soon are chest pain.

Unlike drugs digitalis astragalus does not peek-a-lated the atrioventricular and reduces permeability.Therefore, it can be used in heart failure, the heart muscle is accompanied by disturbances of conduction.

Pushistotsvetkovy Astragalus has a beneficial effect at all stages of hypertension.Under the influence of drugs Astragalus is a decrease of elevated blood pressure, disappearance of headaches, dizziness and pain in the heart.

positive effect of Astragalus also observed in the treatment of acute and chronic nephritis.According to clinical observations, the use of infusion of Astragalus is most effective in patients with chronic circulatory failure stage I or II in the treatment of acute nephritis.

Assign astragalus in tincture form inside of 1-2 tbsp.spoon 3-4 times a day.

astragalus In folk medicine - almost a panacea.It is used as a diuretic in diseases for

check, edema of various origins.Preparations of this plant possess emetic, diaphoretic, astringent and hemostatic properties.Astragalus is used for nervous disorders, rheumatism with pain in the joints, scrofula (inside).antisifiliticheskoe used as a means of astragalus in people in Western Europe.

Pushistotsvetkovy astragalus popularly recommended as a decoction of the root as an expectorant, diuretic, as well as general weakness and cardiac disorders in the elderly.

gum extracted from cracks or cuts of other species of Astragalus, although it is intended as a binding agent in the manufacture of tablets and pills, but sometimes it is used internally for coughs, renal diseases and women's diseases, and externally - for dusting ulcers.

The advantage of the gum is gum tragacanth.


For therapeutic purposes, make a light broth of herbs in a ratio of 1:10, ie,about 1-2st.chopped herbs per cup of boiling water.Take 1 tbsp.spoon three to five times a day for hypertension and heart failure, congestive.