Useful and therapeutic properties of Colchicum autumnale colchicum crocus beautiful merry

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Perennial plants that looked similar to each other.Colchicum autumnal - a plant with a modified underground stem - tubers.Leaves broadly and remain fresh almost all summer.The flowers of autumn crocus in light pink and purple, crocus in the beautiful - large, pinkish-purple.Flowers all major species in the lower part form a thin and long tube and come directly from the tubers and in the upper part of the six-bladed;stamens in autumn crocus six;pistil composed of three plodolistnikov with top trehgnezdnaya ovary and threadlike three columns.Flowers of all kinds are developing in the autumn, and the leaves in the following spring.The fruit, which is made next spring and summer ripens, first green, then forms a brown, leathery, wrinkled box comprising a plurality of black seeds.

Features colchicum species: in the underground part is formed large quantities corm covered with black and brown membranous sheaths of dead leaves.

crocus growing in forest meadows, on grassy places among bushes, on some mountain

meadows of the Stavropol and Krasnodar territories, the Central Caucasus and in Transcaucasia.

From drug to use seeds and tubers.The seeds contain 0,2-1,44% (bulbs - knowledge

considerably fewer) colchicine - an alkaloid, which acid does not form salts and water-soluble.The seeds contain 17% fatty oils and some sugar tannin substance in its seed coat.

colchicine in small amounts dilates the capillaries, and probably this is caused by its therapeutic effect (tincture of seeds) to treat gout, rheumatism and neuralgia.The use of drugs containing colchicine for gout effectively, but risky, as the range between therapeutic and toxic doses it is very small.The dose should not exceed 0.0001 g 3-4 times a day (calculated against colchicine).Treatment with drugs containing colchicine, should only be done under the direct supervision of a physician.

colchicine is a mitotic poison.It delays splitting chromosomes than hinder cell division.This property colchicine experienced a delay of development of malignant tumors.These experiments showed that colchicine stops the development of malignant tumors.With a good result is now used in some forms of skin cancer from 0.5% ointment Kolkha-ming (omaina).

Kolhaminovaya ointment is recommended for exophytic and endophytic forms of skin cancer stage I and II.Ointment in an amount of 1-1.5 g is applied with a spatula directly on the surface of the tumor and surrounding skin (0.5-1 cm), cover gauze and sealed with plaster.The ointment is applied daily.When dressings thoroughly removed previously deposited residues ointments, disintegrating tumor tissue, fibrin strikes directly to the tumor and to surrounding skin areas.

Action ointment on the tumor often begins 2-3 days after the start of treatment.

Kolhaminovaya (omainovaya) ointment yellowish mass fairly thick consistency with a peculiar odor, with a high degree of dispersion, consisting of omaina (kolhamina) - 0.5%, emulsatora, sintomitsina (the latter in order to prevent secondary infection) and water.Store in tightly sealed jars.