Useful and therapeutic properties of the watch trilistnoy ( trifoli , water shamrock )

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Perennial herb up to 20-30 cm tall.Rhizome long, creeping, green, knotty, vnut

pu sponge.Adventitious roots, rare, long.Stems in the amount of 3-5 out of the lift the top of the rhizome.Leaves alternate, basal-dlinnoche reshkovye, trifoliate, leaves on short petioles.Flowers are white, 4-5-membered, collected in the brush, leaving the rhizomes.Fruit - unilocular capsule.Blossoms in May-June.

occurs in many areas of the former Soviet Union, sometimes forms thickets frequent, particularly on peat soils and swamp lakes, on the banks of rivers, ponds and ditches.

Medicinal raw materials are leaves, collected during the flowering period, dried in the shade or in a ventilated room.Shelf life 2 years.The taste is very bitter.

The leaves contain bitter glycosides (menianzhin, meliatin) gentsianin alkaloid, dyes, rutin, giperozid, tannins, vitamin C.

In the grass are found fatty oil consisting of glyceryl rows, palmitic, and others. Acids, cholineresins and iodine.

Water extract from the leaves (1:10) and

the alcoholate are used as bitterness to improve appetite, enhance the secretion of digestive glands;as a means of improving the motility of the stomach and intestines, as a laxative and choleretic (with low acidity), causing the secretion of gastric juice and improve digestion.

In folk medicine, in addition, the leaves of this plant are used in pulmonary tuberculosis, fevers, and as a anthelminthic, hemorrhoids (bleeding), liver and gall bladder as a cholagogue (especially when gallstones);because the leaves contain vitamin C, they are recommended in scurvy.

As a means, raises the general tone of an organism, the plant efficiently and in pulmonary tuberculosis, provided long-term and regular use as a decoction or powder.This plant is also used

as enema for chronic constipation.In an infusion of leaves - for tuberculosis, edema, anemia and inflammation of the joints.


Broth: 10 g per 200 ml;use 1 tbsp.spoon before eating to improve appetite or 2 hours. The grass spoon pour a glass of boiling water, leave for 60 minutes, drain, take 1/4 cup half an hour before a meal (also to increase appetite) at ahilii stomach and others.

for enemas- dilute the broth and a half times.

Powder: 1-2 g three to four times a day before meals.

Infusion of leaves: 5-10 g per cup of water at a reduced gastric acidity, insist 8 hours.