Cherry useful properties

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Cherry - undemanding plant.It grows throughout the middle lane, even in our not so sunny edges of the flower and fruit the most persistent of its kind.Who does not know this tree with smooth dark brown trunk, with a dense crown, remind ing ball.cherry leaves are oval, tough, cool, with a pleasant, slightly bitter flavor.

Cherry comes from Asia Minor.More in the IV century BC cherries served as one of the sources of human nutrition.At the end of the XVI century, cherry culture spread in Western Europe.We have it spread first in Kievan Rus', then in Suzdal principality, and then in Vladimir.In the XVII century cherry widespread already in the vicinity of Moscow.She is currently on the area is second only to the apple.

Well-known tree reaching 2-7 m height.Trunks with gray-brown bark, with arms hanging old and young branches.

Leaves simple, chereshcha Tide, elliptical, pointed, serrated on the edge, bare with two linear stipules.

Flowers are correct, bisexual, sitting on long stalks in umbels 2-5.Calyx

after flowering shed.Five-beater, white deciduous;stamens many; ovary superior, unilocular.Stone is a very hard, light yellow, single seed.

Medicinal raw materials are fresh fruits, quite ripe, dark red, collected in mid-July, and freshly cut young branches, dried tree sap (glue - gum);the people, in addition, - the stalk, leaves and young shoots.

Cherry berry - a great store of all kinds of vitamins, macro- and microelements, so necessary to man.In

cherry fruits contain vitamin A (0.3-0.55 mg%), vitamin B (% 0.2-0.3 mg), vitamin C (15 mg%), vitamin PP (0.25-mg 0.4%), and nitrogen, tannins, pigments and paratsianin.

Vitamin C Cherry - from 5 to 30 mg%, depending on the growing location and climatic conditions (in areas with a humid climate, it accumulates more).P-active agents - from 300% to 2,500 mg (the highest content of the berries with dark coloring of pulp), carotene - from 0.1 to 0.5 mg%.Cherry sugars rich (15%), organic acids, folic acid.Many in cherry minerals: from 1 to iron ZMG%, copper 1.17 mg per 100 g, of potassium and magnesium, and content of pectin (11%) is superior to other berries.

Cherry syrup is used in medicine to correct the taste of liquid dosage forms (tinctures, decoctions, potions), usually accounting for 1 / 5-1 / 10 of their volume.

In folk medicine, the fruit cherries and cherry juice are widely used.Cherry juice is prescribed as an expectorant for tracheitis, bronchitis, and in the complex therapeutic agents for bronchiectasis.

to treat arthritis healers prescribe cherry fruit with milk.A decoction of fresh leaves in milk healers recommend jaundice, and broth cherry stalks - for diarrhea and as a strong diuretic, as well as bronchitis.

From the dark, you can get rid of age spots on the face and hands with the following recipe: 100 g of pitted cherries nucleoli pound and pour 0.5 liters of vegetable oil.Infuse 2 weeks in a warm, dark place.Then drain, squeezing through several layers of cheesecloth.The resulting ointment rubbed into the skin.

Aqueous extracts from the pulp of the cherry fruit are used as refreshing and antipyretic drug for colds, and is also recommended to increase appetite, to reduce the fermentation processes in the intestine and as a gentle laxative agent.

There are indications of sedative and anticonvulsant action of water infusions of cherry fruits.Emulsion cherry seeds and stalks of teas have a distinct diuretic and are recommended for the treatment of uric acid diathesis and joint diseases.

Broth cherry branches have good protivoponosnoe action and are appointed with chronic colitis and complex tools for the treatment of intestinal atony.Positive therapeutic effect was obtained when applying decoctions of fresh leaves in milk jaundice of different origin and the application of fresh cherry leaves and tampons are at external bleeding (damage to the skin, mucous membranes, epistaxis).Cherry adhesive can replace gum arabic.

Cherry has a healing effect in diseases of the lungs, kidneys, atherosclerosis, constipation.Cherry juice detrimental effect on pathogens of dysentery and pyogenic infections - staphylococci and streptococci.

If we talk about the healing properties of cherries, then start with the fact that it improves appetite, cherries in any form and amount of good to take in case of anemia.Cherry infusion or juice good thirst quencher and has the property of lowering the body temperature, so that drinking 2-3 liters of the patient with a fever will fall at an opportune moment.Cherry pulp and juice have some antiseptic.In chronic constipation cherry berries act as a gentle laxative.In folk medicine, cherries and milk is used for arthritis, and the juice is considered a good expectorant in inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.

decoction of leaves of fresh cherries in milk has a beneficial effect in jaundice and chopped fresh leaves or decoction of them use a tampon as a hemostatic agent in epistaxis, bruises, cuts.

medicinal properties has even stalk: a decoction of them - it is a strong diuretic and protivoponosnoe.Sometimes it is used for hypertension.

When gout and kidney stones are used emulsion cherry seeds, but it is not safe: the seeds contain a significant amount of poisonous glycoside amygdalin.Accidental overdose or erroneous application - and possibly a very strong poison.Therefore, the emulsion is better not to cook yourself and apply it only on prescription.

♦ Cherry juice: the optimal ratio - 200-250 g of berries per 1 liter of water.Berries knead and leave for 30-40 minutes.

♦ styptic: 10 g of fresh cherry leaves, pour a glass of boiling water, boil for 15-20 minutes.Cool, strain, use of tampons.

♦ Diuretic and protivoponosnoe agent: 10 g cherry stalks to make a glass of boiling water, boil for 3-5 minutes.The broth to cool, tightly covered with a lid, and drain.All dose drink in 3-4 hours during the day.

♦ For arthritis: a tablespoon of cherry berries knead, pour a glass of hot milk, bring to a boil, cool.Take a glass 3 times a day.

♦ Coughing: 0.5 cups of fresh cherry juice taken 3-4 times a day.

♦ When jaundice: 10-15 g of fresh leaves of cherries, pour a glass of hot milk, boil for 3-5 minutes.Cool.Take 0,5 cup 3 times a day.

Chai tea composition and method of preparing it:

anti-inflammatory tea: 0.5 h .. shredded dry leaves on the teapot of boiling water.Insist 30 minutes and drink as tea.

Healing properties: hemostatic and anti-inflammatory effect.

decoction of cherry stalks - good diuretic for swelling and edema.Peduncle in any form (broth powder) used in urolithiasis and cardiovascular disease.

In cooking

cherries eaten raw, it is dried, pickled, make compotes and juice.From cherry fruit is cooked jam, syrups, make tinctures, cordials, liqueurs, wine, fruit water.

natural splendor remarkably preserved cherries and jams, and compotes, and dried cherries.What kind of cherry brandy can cook!Thick, sweet, fragrant - no liquor factory it can not be compared.

cherry leaves are used in pickling and pickling cucumbers and other vegetables, as well as berries, - for medicinal purposes.

Cherry leaf is added not only for salting or pickling of vegetables, but also for cooking jam gooseberry, and added to the compote of black chokeberry.

Pickled cherries - a great seasoning for meat and fish dishes.In the prepared jars laid washed, pitted cherries, a bit of cinnamon and cloves and pour the hot marinade.Marinade is prepared as follows: 1 liter of water - 3 cups sugar and 1 cup of vinegar (preferably apple or wine).Vinegar is poured at the last moment, so that it does not boil.Hot pour the marinade prepared jars and sterilized for 10 minutes (1 liter jars).

Our grandparents cooked delicious berries dressed: Ripe, firm cherries dipped in beaten egg white, roll in powdered sugar, lay on a sieve in one layer and dry in a moderately hot place.

Very tasty pudding and cherry.To prepare the required 50 grams of butter, 4 eggs, 1 cup of ground vanilla crackers and 1 cup cherries, pitted.Beat the butter, sugar and egg yolks, add the breadcrumbs and cherry pitted.Gently stir into a thick foam proteins.Mass to fill a greased form and bake for 30 minutes.Serve with milk.

can cook and cherry brandy: Cherry cleaned of stalks, wash in cold water, fill it with a wide-mouth bottle, pouring cherry sugar.

then close the bottle with a clean cloth and put in the sun.

a few days let the cherry juice.To juice covered cherries, the bottle should be shaken.After the juice will dissolve therein and sugar, add a little vodka fully closed to liquid berries.1 kg of cherries 400 g sugar, vodka to taste (you can without it), a little citric acid.


Bones cherries when used in large quantities can have a toxic effect, ie. A. Contain glycoside amygdalin (0.85%), which is decomposed in the intestine under the influence of putrefying bacteria to form hydrocyanic acid (5-6% of the amount takenamygdalin).