Useful and therapeutic properties of gentian zheltaevny

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Perennial herb up to 1.2 m. The cylindrical root, long, slightly branched, eventually replaced by adventitious roots.Stem one (or more), erect, cylindrical, naked.

Leaves opposite, fused at their bases pairs polustebl eobemlyuschie, broadly, simple, entire, with much vschayuschimisya 5-7 veins.Bottom leaves are elliptical, korotkochereshko-high, polustebl eobemlyuschie.Flowers are yellow, clustered in bunches in the axils of stem leaves.Stamens 5-6, one pistil.Fruit - unilocular clamshell box.Blooms in July-August.Distributed in the Transcarpathian regions of Ukraine.

Medicinal raw materials are adventitious roots and rhizomes collected in early spring or autumn, they were carefully purified from the ground, cut into pieces and quickly dried at a temperature of 50-60 degrees (in the dryer) or in the shade on the air to prevent fermentation.At the roots of faint aroma, honey aroma and a very bitter taste.

finished raw reddish-brown in color, root length up to 60 cm, brittle fracture is smooth, radiant,

yellow.Store raw materials in boxes because of its hygroscopic properties.

roots and rhizomes of yellow gentian contain very bitter glycoside gentsiopekrin (rolling during long storage and fermentation chentsiamirin), an alkaloid gentsianin, gentizin, sucrose, special trisaccharide, split into 1 part fructose and 2 parts of glucose, fatty oil (6%)and a lot of pectin, gum and mucilage.

yellow gentian is used as the bitterness conducive to digestion as a means of stimulating appetite.Gentian also has a tonic and antipyretic properties and is the best means than centaury.

Apply gentian often in the form of a 10% alcohol tincture of 20 drops for 15-30 minutes before meals.

In folk medicine, a decoction of the roots and rhizomes of a gentian is used in the absence of appetite, lethargy bowel, constipation, gout, arthritis, for overall strengthening of the body, in various diseases of the stomach, also helps in diseases of the spleen and liver, scrofula, jaundice, cough, fever,dysentery, relieve persistent heartburn and improves appetite.

Hot strong decoction prepared from a mixture of 1 part of the roots and rhizomes of a gentian, and 3 parts of oak bark, is considered a good remedy against fetid sweating feet.This broth is recommended soar feet before bedtime.


Broth is recommended to cook small meals, t. To. He easily spoiled.Broth is prepared a rate of 15-20 grams of roots and rhizomes in 1 liter of water (boiling water), take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day;or 20 g per 200 ml or 1 part of the roots and rhizomes of 10 parts of boiling water, take 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day for half an hour before meals.

tincture in vodka: 50 g herb to 0.5 liters of vodka, insist for 8 days (on wine - 21 days), take 30-40 drops to 6 tablespoons.spoonfuls of water 3 times a day.

Powder: sprinkle festering wounds with a mixture of powder and gentian flowers of chamomile, taken in equal proportions.

Gentian has also found use in the brewing industry to give some kind of bitter taste varieties of beer and alcoholic beverage industry.