Mustard useful properties

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Mustard - an annual herbaceous plant belonging to the family of crucifers.Black mustard grows up to 1 -1.2 m, white -. To 0.8-1 m stems grow vertically on top of the branches.The plant blooms in June and July, yellow flowers, pick up in loose corymbose or racemose inflorescence.The seeds develop in pods, they are whitish-yellow or whitish-red color of white mustard and black to reddish-brown color - the black.After maturing plants with pods removed, dried them, and then threshed.

mustard seeds contain fatty substances (25%), and Mironov mirozin acid.

Wealth mustard tastes

To prepare regular table mustard yellow mustard powder must be brewed with boiling water (about 0.5 cups of boiling water 100 grams of mustard) and stir thoroughly, so he bought a clean sharp taste.A few hours later mustard slightly loses sharpness, you should be prepared so that mustard daily or as needed.To achieve a smoother taste, mustard powder should be mixed with milk or beer, vinegar, but not because it destroys an enzyme

that confers mustard sharpness, and the resulting mixture is a more fresh.

American mustard - a mandatory addition to the hot dogs and burgers, made from white mustard seed, vinegar, sugar, spices and turmeric.This is the sweet mustard.

German mustard - a uniform, dark.Prepared mustard and vinegar black seeds with sweet-sour taste, which is only a hint of sharpness feel complements the taste of German sausages.In addition, there are very sharp kinds of German mustard.

Recipe German mustard next.Take 250 g of dry mustard, 7 grams of salt, 75 g sugar, 25 grams of vinegar, 50 grams of white wine, 1 g of cinnamon, 100 ml of boiling water.

mustard powder sifted through a sieve, brewed with boiling water, mix to the consistency of the mixture looked like a thick dough.Then pour boiling water mustard and tied for 12-18 hours in a warm place.After that, the water is drained, the mixture was diluted with wine vinegar and wine, add salt, sugar and cinnamon.

Dijon mustard - has traditionally made only of black seed, it is now done mostly from brown mustard seeds.seed husks are removed, whereupon mustard becomes pale yellow.Mustard mixed with wine, sour juice of unripe grapes or wild apples, salt and spices.This is a classic French mustard, which is eaten with steaks and stews.It has a salty and pungent taste, has a real taste of mustard.

Bordeaux mustard (sometimes called the French) - in color darker Dijon.It is prepared from a mixture of black and brown seeds, but the husk is not removed - hence its darker color.Bordeaux mustard mixed with vinegar and sugar, lots of tarragon and other herbs and spices, giving it a faint sour-sweet flavor that goes well with cold meats and sausages.

Mustard from Me.For the preparation of this part of the mustard seed pounded black, and the other - is ground to give the seasoning characteristic rough texture.Mixed with vinegar and spices, mustard on the severity of this varies from mild to very severe and has a unique flavor.It is well suited to cold meats, meat pies and sausages.Mustard from Me are often sold in clay pots, hermetically sealed plugs.

Other types of mustard.There are dozens of other types of mustard.Among them, for example, such as the French maylskaya (company name, created in 1747) or Provencal mustard, seasoned with garlic and red peppers.Tarragon, tomatoes, basil and honey - are just some of the ingredients that give special flavor mustard.An example of refinement can serve as a homogeneous, moderately spicy mustard with champagne.

Useful and therapeutic properties of black mustard

Homeland black mustard - Mediterranean.It is cultivated in England, France, Italy, Romania, Turkey, India, China and other countries.Mustard black - an annual herbaceous plant of the cabbage family.Stem branched, up to 1 m leaves are petiolate, lower - lyre-shaped, toothed.;upper - lanceolate and entire.Flowers pale yellow, clustered in racemose inflorescence.Pods erect, 1-2 cm long, held tightly to the stem.Seeds are reddish-brown, brown, smaller than the white mustard, a diameter of 1.0-1.6 mm.Differ strong osypaemost when ripe.

The seeds obtained essential oil - colorless or yellowish liquid with an irritating odor and bitter taste.It consists of Allyl Mustard oil (89-90%), al poured cyanide and carbon disulfide.The yield of essential oil from the seeds is 0.5-1.4%.The seeds contain up to 41% fatty oils.In composition it is similar to the fatty oil of mustard sa-reptskoy and white.

France from black mustard is prepared di zhonskuyu mustard - the best dining mustard variety, known throughout the world, as well as a special fish sauce.In southern European countries it is used as well as Sarepta mustard-ical.In the Caucasus, green stems, leaves and flowers of the plant is added to the brine cheeses.

From black mustard seed makes mustard, mustard powder, they are part of the stomach fees.The powder is used as a patch to reduce the pain associated with rheumatoid arthritis.

Useful and therapeutic properties of white mustard

Homeland white mustard - Mediterranean.It is spread almost all over Europe, Siberia, North Africa, China and North America.As a weed found in almost all parts of the former Soviet Union.Cultivate it mainly in Sweden, Denmark and Holland.In Russia, bred from the middle of the XVIII century mainly in humid areas of non-chernozem zone.

Mustard white - an annual herbaceous plant of the cabbage family.Stem branched, up to 1 m, covered with dense stiff hairs.The flowers are pale yellow or white, gathered in many-racemose inflorescence.Pod lumpy, with stiff hairs.Fruits do not crack.Seeds are spherical, smooth and creamy.Weight of 1000 seeds - 5-6 g

Mustard white more cold-resistant than meat-reptskaya.Seeds germinate when its temperature 1-2 ° C.Seedlings tolerate frosts lasting up to 6 ° C below zero.Compared with mustard greens less drought resistant.For the soil has low.

Because white mustard pods do not crack, it removed the combine at full ripeness of seeds when the pods become brown and yellow.Seeds are stored in a dry ventilated area.

The seeds of white mustard contains gluon sinalbin glycoside and fatty mustard oil (16,5-38,5%), which is a liquid dark yellow color with a pleasant smell and a characteristic peculiar bitter taste.It consists of acid: erucic - 52.5%, oleic acid - 28%, linoleic - 14.5% palmitic - 2% arachidic and linolenic - by 1%.After fermentation, the formed P-hydroxy-benzyl L mustard oil.

In the dairy industry white mustard seeds added to the curd mass.From it produce oil, which long gorknet.It is used in cooking, food, chemical and pharmaceutical industries.

Seeds of white mustard have almost no flavor, and the taste of their coarser and sharper than in Brassica juncea.In cooking, they are used mainly in the Nordic countries and the USA.The seeds do tablespoon mustard.They are used in the preparation of vegetable, mushroom and meat marinades, seeds seasoned salads and herring, hot fish and meat dishes.The US is preparing a dry mixture of crushed mustard seeds black and white.

Leaves of plants put in salads, in some countries they are seasoned soup, pickle them in vinegar.

in Turkey and Venezuela, this mustard seed is used in vascular sclerosis, hypertension, diseases of the liver and gall bladder, digestive disorders, flatulence, rheumatism and eczema.In China, used as a painkiller.In homeopathy, used the aerial part of the plant.

Useful and therapeutic properties of mustard greens

In the wild form is found in Asia, Europe and Egypt.It is cultivated in Pakistan, India, China, France, the Netherlands and elsewhere.

mustard greens - a herbaceous annual plant of the cabbage family.root rod goes into the ground 2-3 m Stem erect, much branched, gray, height up to 1.5 m at the base of leaves stalked, round-pinnatisect..;on top - sedentary, which can degenerate into a SHORT-kochereshkovye, entire, oblong-linear form.The inflorescence is a brush.The flowers are bright yellow, on short stalks.Fruits - thin oblong pods 3-5 cm long subulate beak.Mature seeds - spherical shape, reddish-brown color.Weight of 1000 seeds - 2-4

of cold-resistant plant.Blooms are usually in June.The seeds ripen in August-September.Mustard greens drought-resistant, undemanding to soil, but often cabbage beetle infestation.

in Sarepta mustard seeds contain fat (35-47%) and essential (0.5-1.7%) of oil.Fatty oil is characterized by high taste qualities, it is used in cooking, baking, confectionery, canned goods, soap, textile and pharmaceutical industries.In France, Turkey and some other countries, this oil is considered the best condiment for salads, sauces, dishes of beans, beans, peas, meat.The essential oil is used in perfumery and cosmetics and canning industries.

skimmed oil seed Sarepta mustard powder is obtained with a specific burning taste and characteristic aroma.This powder is used in the production of mustard plasters, dining mustard and other condiments.The powder has a pronounced preserving property, so it is used not only to flavor, but also to increase the shelf life of the products.Thus, the powder is added to the "Kuban" sauce, "South", "Amateur", "Moscow", in mayonnaise, as well as pickled and spicy herring, spicy anchovy, pickled sprat, herring in mustard sauce.Mustard in small amounts is a part of many spices and seasonings.

mustard greens used in cooking almost all over the world.Because mustard powder filling and make sauces.Table mustard is usually served in sandwiches, meat and fish hot and cold dishes, and in Poland - a potato dish.The mustard baked meat and fish.The Russian and Tatar national cuisines flavored with mustard powder and beet soup okroshka.In Udmurtia him prepare pickled tomatoes in their own juice, Belarus and Tatarstan - pickled apples.In Georgia, the powder is added to lobio with celery.

Greater attention should Sarepta mustard greens, has a delicate flavor and aroma.The content of vitamin C in it reaches 400 mg / 100 g

plant is used for cosmetic purposes: a mixture of mustard powder with honey, prepared on the decoction of flowers of white lilies, used for removing freckles.

addition to mustard greens are used for therapeutic purposes other kinds of seeds:. White mustard and black mustard.Both, too, annual crops.Black mustard is different from Sarepta lighter petals of the corolla limb with sudden constriction in the nail, which is longer than limb, pods with a very thin, short spout, typically pressed against the spike.Seeds are somewhat smaller than sareptskoj, reddish-brown color, with a pitted surface.White mustard is different from the previous two types of lyrate leaves, usually silnoopushennym pod with a flat nose, large pale-yellow seeds with a smooth surface.

Medicinal raw materials are seeds.From them receive essential mustard oil.Low-fat fruit cake is called mustard mustard powder.

The seeds contain a glycoside-sinigrin, which under the influence of enzymes merosin decomposed into mustard oil, potassium sulfate, and glucose.Mustard essential oil consists of Allyl Mustard (40%), Croton mustard oils and traces of carbon disulfide.In slow drying seeds contain fatty oil consisting of glycerol and erucic, ominovoy, linoleic, linolenic, lignoceric, begonovoy and myristic acids.

Seeds of black mustard contain essential mustard oil, similar in composition Sarepta mustard oil.

Useful properties

The official medicine uses a powder of mustard seeds.When applied topically irritant mustard powder is widely used in the form of yellow cards, both distracting mustard bath means for causing a redistribution of the blood.For example, it is used in inflammation of the lungs.For reflex effects on circulatory function (PNDS crises, threatening stroke, angina), mustard plasters applied on the chest, on the back of the head region, the calf muscles, on the heart, and so on. It is widely used mustard neuralgia, muscle pain by placing them on the painful area.When using mustard powder or mustard plasters should moisten them with warm water, not hot or cold.This increases their effectiveness.

criterion topical mustard oil is the appearance of a burning sensation at the application site.

In pediatric practice in addition to mustard plasters for colds applied mustard compresses (1h. Teaspoon mustard powder in a glass of warm water).Compress superimposed on the 1-10 minutes.

Introduction mustard with food causes irritation of mucous membranes and increases the secretion of gastric juice digestive glands.

In folk medicine, in addition to the above produce mustard essential oil at home;when dissolved in alcohol from it get mustard alcohol, which is also used for grinding.Flour or seeds are used for constipation.In chronic rhinitis mustard flour poured into stockings.

If poisoning mustard opium is taken orally to induce vomiting, and diarrhea (one pinch or 1.5 grams of mustard flour taken intermittently until the start vomiting).

mustard flour mixed with honey, mixed with the decoction of flowers of white lilies, take with freckles.


Mustard seeds for internal use: swallow 10 seeds on an empty stomach 30 minutes before meals;every day increasing the dose, increase to 20 seeds.If there is no seed, mustard flour can be used:. Starting with 1/4 tsp, bring to a full teaspoon, washed down with water.If you burn, drink warm milk or olive oil.

therapeutic mixture, is used at a fever (for a reception): 1 glass of wine, 1/4 h mustard spoon and a pinch of salt mix well, drink 3 times a day..

Tincture:. 1 teaspoon of mustard flour per 10 hours tablespoons vodka, insist 8 days, take 20-30 drops before meals..

products for aging skin care with mustard

powder Mustard seeds - 1 hour.Spoon, Peppermint - 1 tbsp.spoon, boiling water - 1 cup.

mint leaves pour boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes.Strain, add the mustard.

Infusion used for washing.

powder Mustard seeds - 1 hour.spoon herb St. John's wort - 1 tbsp.spoon, boiling water - 1 cup.

Hypericum pour boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes.Strain, add the mustard.

Infusion used for washing.

powder Mustard seeds - 1 tsp, nettle leaves -. 1, Art.spoon, boiling water - 1 cup.

nettle leaves pour boiling water and infuse for 30 minutes.Strain, add the mustard.

Infusion used for washing.

powder Mustard seeds - 1 hour.spoon, parsley - 1 root and 1 stem with leaves, water - 2 cups.

Grind root and parsley, add water, put on fire.Bring to a boil and simmer on low heat for 20 minutes.Strain, add the mustard.

tonic Wipe face and hands in the morning and evening.

powder Mustard seeds - 1 hour.spoon, mint - 20g, rosemary - 10 g of calendula flowers - 20 g of chamomile flowers - 30 g of white wine - 1 liter.

Slightly grind and mix the flowers and leaves, pour the wine.Infuse 2 weeks, then drain, add the mustard.Wipe it with lotion face every night, then it necessarily lubricating cream or olive oil.

powder Mustard seeds - 1 hour.spoon chopped birch leaves - 2 tbsp.spoon, boiling water - 0.5 liters.

leaves pour boiling water and infuse for an hour.Strain and cool, add the mustard.

Use as a tonic.

powder Mustard seeds - 1 hour.spoon, linden flowers - 1h.spoon, dill - 1h.spoon, boiling water - 2 cups.

Mix lime color with chopped dill, pour boiling water.Insist hour, then drain, add the mustard.Wipe clean face morning and evening.spoon.1 tbsp.a spoon.1 tbsp.spoon.a spoon.a spoon.spoon.Strain.a spoon.Rinse with cold water.a spoon.a spoon.a spoon.spoon.Strain.a spoon.a spoon.a spoon.a spoon.spoon.a spoon.a spoon.Rinse with cold water.spoon.a spoon.Rinse with cold water.a spoon.a spoon.a spoon.Strain.To stir thoroughly.a spoon.a spoon.a spoon.a spoon.a spoon.spoon.spoon.a spoon.a spoon.a spoon.Strain.Strain.a spoon.a spoon.spoon.After 10 minutes, rinse with warm water.a spoon.a spoon.a spoon.a spoon.a spoon.a spoon.a spoon.a spoon.