Useful and therapeutic properties of buckthorn laxative

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

(zhoster, chernoyagodnik)

shrub with thorny branches up to 4 m. The leaves are opposite, petiolate, simple, entire, serrate on the edge.The flowers are four-membered, darkish green, in the axils of the leaves;on some instances only female on the other - male flowers.Fruits - drupe with 4-5 seeds.Blossoms in May-June.The fruits ripen in September-October.

Rhamnus cathartica (zhoster) grows along with alder buckthorn, usually as undergrowth in the forest zone of Russia.Distributed in all forest-steppe areas of the Southeast.

Medicinal raw materials are the fruits collected without stalks and dried first in the shade and then in drying ovens.

In folk medicine, medicinal raw materials are the fruits, thin branches and bark.As unacceptable

impurities can occur fruits buckthorn fragile, which differ in that they do not shine, and contain 2 plano-bone (at least 1 or 3) with coracoid cartilage outgrowth.

finished raw materials (fruit), black and purple, odorless, sweet-bitter taste.Shelf life 2 years.

Mature fruits contain antraglyukozidy (about 0.76%), split off and other ramnoemodin oksimetilantrahino HN;colorants and sugar.

Antraglyukozidy and their cleavage products (mainly emodin) irritate the walls in the large intestine, and moderately increasing the wavy-mayatni crustaceans his movements.

apply zhostera fruit like a laxative for chronic constipation.The action comes after 8-10 hours after administration.

In folk medicine, the fruits of buckthorn laxative used for the same purpose as in science, in addition, a decoction of the branches of gastric ulcer inward and outward as wound healing.Bark decoction is used in catarrh of the stomach, decreased gastric acidity, a decoction of the fruit with the addition of whey, butter and soda is used as a laxative, fruit insist on vodka and rubbed at rheumatism;the fruit is used as a laxative, bark - from Koltun;decoction of branches compress on the wound.In people, it is believed that zhostera berries have a regulating effect on the intestine, they are added to the pro-tivoponosnym means.


Appointed zhoster in the form of infusions and decoctions, prepared from the calculation 1 tbsp.spoon of dry fruits in a glass of boiling water.Insist drenched with boiling water the fruit for 8 hours, filtered and taken half a cup at night (laxative).

Broth: 20 g per 200 ml, boil for 20 minutes, take half a cup at night.

zhostera also part of the laxative tea.

Infusion of fruits to give to children is not recommended.