Useful and therapeutic properties of common toadflax ( gills , wild Lena )

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

toadflax -. Herbaceous plant 30-60 cm whole plant is bare, covered with a bluish waxy coating that protects against excessive evaporation toadflax.The leaves are alternate, sessile, lanceolate-linear.Since the leaves are narrow, little shade each other, they sit very heavily on the stem.Corolla two-lipped, pale yellow, with an orange blotch on the lip, and with a spur.Stamens 4, of which 2 short and 2 long.It blooms all summer until autumn.

Grows on weed, wet places, fields, steppes, scrublands.

grows in the southern part of other similar species - toadflax drakonolistnaya having no medicinal value.The latter differs from the common toadflax the following features: a plant with erect at the top of paniculate-branched stems, and with a bluish waxy bloom.The flowers are pale yellow, small, gathered in sparse brush.Seeds without membranous margin.

Indications: inflammatory diseases of the liver and gall bladder.

Harvesting and storage: medicinal raw material is grass.Collect it in a dry sunny weat

her during flowering, cutting off the tops of 10-15 cm in length. It is dried in the shade under a canopy, in the attic or in the dryer.Store 2 years.

Dosage Form: for cooking brew 2 tbsp.l.grass pour 2 cups boiling water and insist 2-AF.Take the evening, 2-4 Art.l.

From drug to use grass common toadflax.Procurement of raw materials produced during flowering, in July-August, cutting the grass at 5-6 cm from the ground.Dried in the shade to the raw material was 14% humidity.In the fresh state, the grass has an unpleasant smell, growing in drying, the taste of spicy, salty, bitter.

toadflax aerial organs (stems and leaves) are poisonous!

The herb contains an alkaloid peganin unknown glycoside cleaving hydrocyanic acid, flavonol glycosides linarin, neolinarin et al., Ascorbic acid and others. Organic acids.

liquid extract of hemorrhoids and as a laxative is used in medical practice;very rare skin diseases;topically used so-called zhabreynaya ointment, which is an alcohol extract of the herb, mixed with lard (the alcohol is removed by heating in a water bath).toadflax preparations (extract and tincture) have been tested with a positive effect in the clinic as a laxative for intestinal atony, flatulence and constipation long.In a pig roundworm experiments and found their antihelminthic action.Alkaloid peganin has a strong stimulating effect on the smooth muscles of the bowel and uterus and has a choleretic effect.

should be remembered about the poisonous properties of toadflax and treat it carefully.

In folk medicine, common toadflax used as a gentle laxative, anti-inflammatory, diaphoretic, diuretic, choleretic, regulating the functional activity of the stomach and intestinal tract means;broth washed with sore eyes, rinse the throat with tonsillitis;infusion of herbs in the warm water make gadgets fungal diseases, from herpes, scrofula and jaundice;for better hair growth in the wash head infusion.

known that toadflax helps with constipation, chronic, even (if the drugs out of it to take a long time), and abdominal distention with pain and atony (weakness of the intestine).Such preparations are recommended for diarrhea and incontinence.

In people with flatulence, liver and kidneys use broth and tea from herbs toadflax (without dosage, brewed about 10 g per 200 ml).In the latter case it is better to use drugs toadflax, mixed with flowers everlasting sand and corn silk (hair of corn).

Preparations of toadflax herb sometimes used inside as a means protivogemorroynyh but often externally for various skin diseases and gemorroynyh cones.


Infusion:. 1 teaspoon of dry herb brewed cup of boiling water, after cooling filter and drink 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.As a laxative - 2-3 teaspoons of the night..

Broth-mixture in diseases of liver and kidneys: take equally grass toadflax, flower cumin sand and the "hair" of corn, mix and brew 2 teaspoons of this mixture per cup of boiling into 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.

Broth-mix for the eye: 20 g of grass toadflax, the flowers of cornflower blue and elder flowers, pour 2 cups of boiled water;8:00 insist, strain through a cloth and apply a lotion or drops.These drugs reduce inflammation, eliminate suppuration and improve vision.

ointment is simple: 2 parts grass toadflax (powder) mixed with 5 parts of pork fat, long float, then squeeze.Hemorrhoids simultaneously produce an extract or infusion as a laxative.