Useful and therapeutic properties of the poppy sleeping pills

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

annual plant with root fusiform, erect stem up to 1 m tall, seated ordinary incised-lobed bluish leaves;Flowers solitary, large, 8-12 cm wide, with two-sheeted deciduous calyx and corolla of 4 pale purple or pink petals with dark spots at the base, with numerous stamens and pistil with a short sit-multipath stigma;fruit - broadly, up to 7 cm long and 2-3 cm wide, box, opening holes for apical disc, seeds numerous, small, bluish-black.It blooms in June and July.

whole plant contains alkaloids, the main one of which is morphine;and codeine, papaverine, thebaine and others.

medicinal value of opium poppy is caused by the presence in its milky juice of alkaloids (opium), often used as an analgesic, anti-anxiety and sleeping pills.

Opium - a milky sap flowing from the incision has green boxes (popularly called "heads

Coy"), quickly dries and turns into a thick reddish-brown mass.

Eat opium is recommended only on prescription!

In folk medicine, used not only the poppy sap, but its flowers and seeds.

The greatest attention is paid to the flowers, which for therapeutic purposes it is better to collect the wild poppy and poppy-rhoeas (see. Mac rhoeas and Papaver orientale).Dry petals should be in the shade, displaying them with a thin layer, so they do not blackened.

Fresh juice of the poppy heads popularly used by insect bites, broth immature bolls watered children to sleep well, insomnia, poultices of the heads, as well as from the leaves - as an external analgesic.If you grind the seeds and diluted with water, it will turn white, milk-like liquid, which is called the poppy milk;its use inside at high doses (half a cup 3-4 times a day) for hemorrhoids and heavy flowing pneumonia.Pounded seeds are mixed with honey and eat liver diseases.Poppy seeds are part of the anthelmintic.

Dried petals poppy flowers, pulverized, use in diseases of the stomach (especially catarrh it) in a simple broth, and petals, powdered and boiled in milk or honey, or a tincture vodka - insomnia,when mentally tired.

decoction of poppy flowers with honey is useful to use with enhanced general sweating.A decoction of poppy flowers - diarrhea


decoction of the flowers: 1) water or milk - 10 g per 200 ml;1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day, and insomnia - for half an hour before going to bed;2) honey: honey diluted with 1-2 hours a spoon in a glass of water, the solution is boiled for 5-10 minutes

2 hours spoons of powder from the petals of the poppy flower and drink 1 teaspoon 3 times a day....

tincture in vodka a 10%: 15 drops 3 times a day, with insomnia - for half an hour before bedtime.

powder: 1 pinch (ie, about 3 grams..) Of the powder 3 times a day before meals.