Useful and therapeutic properties of daisies

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Small perennial plant.Leaves collected in the outlet radicular, spatulate or obovate, blunt, in front of the separate teeth.Color white basket in the middle of the yellow color, is located on top of a thin, herbaceous, up to 15 cm tall, leafless peduncle;leaves, wrap the baskets, lanceolate, arranged in two rows;peripheral flowers are white, reed, pistillate, median yellow, tubular, bisexual;convex bottom of the basket, fruit obovate, without flying detachment.Blossoms in April-June.

common among shrubs and grassy areas.daisy grown in culture have larger baskets, often painted in different colors.

From drug to use baskets and leaves during flowering.

Raw material contains organic acids, bitter substances, essential oils, saponins, inulin etc.

In folk medicine the daisy is used internally as an expectorant in bronchitis, diseases of the liver, jaundice, gout, rheumatism, externally -. In the form of poultices and compressesbroth for bruises with bruises, abrasions, hemorrhoids, inflammation of the ma

mmary glands in lactating women (washing decoction or packs of crushed leaves).


Inside grass daisies are used in the form of infusion: 3 tsp minced raw insist in 1/2 cup of water for 8 hours (dose on day 1).externally - as a tincture prepared from raw spoons 6 h..

pulmonary tuberculosis powder from daisies mix in equal doses with crushed to dusts shell 2 eggs and drink in the morning and evening with milk, one glass of wine mixture.Daisies have a slightly weaker property, therefore at occurrence in tubercular patients of a liquid chair treatment daisies stop.

In pediatric practice in people with tuberculosis of the spine or bones on a sore point impose rags with ointment of comfrey with daisies and leaves of lemon balm.Produce ointment so: for 200 g of very hot melted unsalted pork fat pour 20 grams of daisies, 30 g strongly crushed comfrey root and 20 grams of lemon balm leaves and inflorescences.A mixture of floating in the oven day, watching to not boiled, filter in bank and tie with a paper.Daisy

at a dose of 10 to 15 g was added to the mixture, which treat kidney disease, bladder and pelvis.

popularly collected only wild daisies, thus dig up the whole plant during flowering.