Useful and therapeutic properties of borage officinalis ( borage )

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

annual plant, covered, including leaves, stiff hairs with straight, thick, succulent stems, 30-60 cm tall, with outspread branches: lower leaves are ovate-oblong, narrowed into petiole;top - oblong, amplexicaul.The flowers are large, blue, drooping at the base in a rare leafy inflorescences-curls.It blooms in June and July.A good bee plant.

often occurs as a weed in the southern and middle lane in the European part of Russia and the Caucasus.Occasionally cultivated in gardens as a salad plant.

With therapeutic purposes in folk medicine using flowers and grass plants.Young leaves of cucumber herbs use for seasoning, as they have the smell and taste of fresh cucumber.The flowers of the plant contain mucus and thus they are used (often with the leaves) as an emollient, diaphoretic and diuretic.Recommend in folk medicine in dropsy, rheumatic pain and inflammation of the kidneys.

Essence from fresh leaves of cucumber herbs are used in homeopathy.


Broth: 20 g per 200 ml: 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times

a day.Infusion: 1 tablespoon.a spoonful of minced raw pour 1/2 cup of boiling water;sealed and allowed to stand

5 hours, then filtered and sweetened with sugar.Drink small sips for 3 days.

borage leaves contain ascorbic acid, malic acid, citric acid, a significant amount of potassium nitrate;flowers - mucus and essential oil.Vitamin salad borage helps to improve metabolism, increase the separation of urine and sweat, prevents inflammatory processes in the kidneys and intestines, regulates the heart, relieves irritation and soothes the nervous system.

For therapeutic purposes, fresh and dry borage used in the neuroses of the heart, lung catarrh, as a mild laxative, with rheumatism and certain skin diseases.

Infusion of leaves taken during thoracic diseases, neurasthenia, as a sedative;the infusion of the flowers - as emollient, diaphoretic and diuretic.

Leaves and flowers have long been used to lift the spirit, increase the courage of the Roman soldiers or to order "to easily getting to the heart."In Central Europe, borage called "the joy of the heart", "fun", "heart flower".