Useful and therapeutic properties of the male fern ( Dryopteris male )

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

perennial herb 30-100 cm tall.Rhizome thick, brown, covered with numerous adventitious roots and numerous threadlike

governmental brown scaly leaves that cover the leaves and young.From the tops of the rhizomes out large, pinnately compound leaves, wrapped a helical.On the underside of the leaves by the autumn developing sporangia with spores, the latter on the maturation of sporangia poured through the gap and provide for the reproduction of ferns.Spores are produced from June to September.

Medicinal raw materials are roots, have a strong toxic properties.Harvesting is done in autumn (September-October).Purified from ground rhizomes, roots, leaves and scaly.It is dried in kilns, ovens or ventilated areas.Store in the banks, tightly closed lid, in compliance with the rules of storage of poisonous plants.Shelf life 1 year.

brownish rhizomes inside to eat are not suitable.

The fern rhizomes contain Fern, flavaspidovaya acid albaspidin, aspidinol (florolyutsina derivatives), etc. The main active princi

ples are Fern (filiksovaya) acid and filmaron -. Fitsilinovoy acid derivatives, and is split into flitsin aspadinol.These substances are mainly muscle poisons.The action on the tapeworms cause paralysis of their muscles.In medical practice it is applied in the form of the ether extract and more tablets "filiksan" (filiksan less toxic than extract) against the tape and advantageously round worms (broad tapeworm, porcine tapeworm and bovine et al.).Effective drugs against the fern and dwarf tapeworm.

When used drugs male fern should be careful, as they are poisonous.Treatment should only be undertaken but the direction and under the supervision of a physician in a specific pattern.

for successful expulsion of tapeworm, if the treatment is carried out without the supervision of a doctor, it is necessary to comply with such rules:

1-2 days before treatment prescribed nutritional but easily digestible (liquid) food, poor fat (white bread, crackers, cereal soups,milk, yogurt, cottage cheese, liquid milk porridge, boiled fresh fish, jelly, coffee, tea, and sugar is allowed).

eve treat for dinner only drink sweet tea or coffee with a biscuit;overnight laxatives salt (30 g);before going to bed is recommended to eat a piece of herring with onions.In the morning, on an empty stomach, or ready-made from the extract of male fern pills taken every 15-20 minutes.30 minutes after the last dose of the drug given to the patient saline laxative (30 g);if within 3 hours be a chair put warm enema.When you exit the parasite without head must still 1-3 times an enema.

popularly accepted with urging to stool to sit on a pot of hot milk (utensils quarter) and push.

In folk medicine, water infusion of rhizomes of the male fern is used topically for baths for rheumatism and spasmodic contractions of the leg muscles, purulent wounds and ulcers.


fern extract the ether - the finished product in an amount of 5 g, divided into 10 capsules to be taken every 5 minutes, with water or the 1% solution of soda.

If there is no ready product, it can be replaced with broth rhizomes (10 g per 200 ml), condensed to half, and take 1 h. Spoon of honey.This amount of broth is kneaded with flour and divide into 10 pills - a portion for adults;decoction should be given to children according to their age.

filiksan tablets - 2 tablets every 5 minutes after the last dose - saline laxative (to expel tapeworms).

Signs drugs male fern poisoning include nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, dizziness, headache,

respiratory depression and cardiac function, jaundice, convulsions, impaired vision.

First Aid Treatment: gastric lavage, saline laxatives, intravenous administration of isotonic sodium chloride solution, glucose;heating pads, warm baths, in convulsions - chloral hydrate.Infusion

bath: 50 g of dried rhizome or root 100 g of fresh boiled for 2-3 hours in 2.3 liters of water, bath temperature 28-30 ° C.

preparations (extract) is contraindicated in decompensated (failure) of the heart, liver and kidney, gastric ulcer and duodenal ulcers, acute gastro-intestinal and febrile diseases, pregnancy, sudden exhaustion, anemia, and active tuberculosis.In such cases it is possible to use drugs of pumpkin seeds.