Useful and therapeutic properties pilocarpus peristolistnogo

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

trees or shrubs of different species of the family Rutaceae, growing wild in the rainforests of South and Central America.Bred in a coppice culture in Adjara and Abkhazia.

Trees or shrubs with complex imparipinnate leaves.Dimensions of leaves and the leaves are highly variable in different species, but the shape of the individual always leaves oval, at the top there is a small recess, which is a characteristic feature of all kinds;edge piece,

secondary veins merge at the edge of the arcs in the transmitted light seen numerous translucent point, immersed in mesophyll containers with essential oils.The flowers are red, with long leaves.

Medicinal raw materials are separate leaflets compound leaf.The leaves contain a mixture of alkaloids in an amount of 0,35-1%.The main alkaloid - pilocarpine - liquid.Use a salt thereof, it is easily crystallized, the synthesis carried out in Russia by Professor NA Transfiguration in 1933.

pilocarpine stimulates the m-cholinergic receptors, thereby excitation reproduce

s the effects of parasympathetic nerves.It increases the secretion of the glands, Inner viruemyh cholinergic nerves, increases the separation of the salivary secretion, digestive, sweat glands and mucus in the airways of humans.After subcutaneous injection of pilocarpine (5-10 mg) of 2-3 g can stand 3-4 liters of sweat and watery during the same period of 0.5-1 liters of saliva.The greatest practical importance, however, the effect of pilocarpine in the eye: it constricts the pupil, reduces intraocular pressure and improves nutrition of the eye.

pilocarpine increases the secretion of gastric juice, and changes its composition: the gastric glands secrete juice, rich in acid, pepsin and mucin.Under the influence of pilocarpine also experiencing excited secretion of gastric mucosa and increases the separation of the intestinal juice with a low content of enzymes.

pilocarpine causes increased contraction of the gallbladder and thus accelerates the secretion of bile into the intestine;the formation of bile has no effect.A clear effect has on the activity of the heart.After coming sometimes a little more frequent initial rhythm slows down and decreases coronary blood flow.Spleen smooth muscle by decreasing the influence of pilocarpine as bladder muscle tone especially in the latter reduced;enhanced reduction of muscles of the intestine and uterus.


pilocarpine used in ophthalmic practice as miotikami, t. E. Means, narrows the pupil, mostly in glaucoma to reduce intraocular pressure.It is also used to improve eye nutrition vein thrombosis central retina, narrowing of the arteries of the retina, optic nerve atrophy, with vitreous hemorrhage.

alkaloids and pilocarpus leaves have a strong diaphoretic action.

pilocarpine used in the form of tablets, drops, ophthalmic ointment.