Useful and therapeutic properties of Siberian fir

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

conifer tree up to 30 m with a brown or dark gray smooth bark.The leaves are fragrant, small, flat.Cones are dark green, cylindrical.

widespread in the forests of Western and Eastern Siberia, on moist soils often forms dense forests.

Medicinal raw materials are the needles, buds, bark, sap.The plant contains an essential oil (2-3%), part of which are bornylacetate, camphene, boron-Neolithic, slaked alpha, beta-pinene, dipentene, and others. Substances, abietic, neabistinovuyu, ascorbic acid, tocopherol, volatile, resin,tannins.

Water extract of pine needles and kidneys are used to treat scurvy, and is used as a diuretic and analgesic for colds and rheumatic pains.

bark containing tannin and resin (balsam), when used as an external burns and tumors.Of Fir oleoresin contained in the nodules of the cortex, gain valuable balm that has strong antiseptic properties.Because essential oils of pine needles, branches and bark - the so-called pine oil - are synthetic camphor.Camphor administered subcutaneously,

a stimulant effect on the central nervous system and enhances the activity of the heart.Camphor alcohol is used for rubbing in neuritis, myositis and rheumatism.

Fir Turpentine is also used to produce turpentine, used for the same purposes as the turpentine pine and Siberian larch.

In folk medicine, infusion of needles - the oldest antiscorbutic.Oleoresin used to treat wounds, especially infected, and ulcers.Fir cones were considered as an effective remedy for rheumatism and others. Catarrhal lesions leg joints.For this purpose, pour boiling water for a couple of bumps and warmed his feet, covering them from above.Broth young needles drink as a diuretic and disinfectant for kidney and bladder.

largest oil out of the branches and fir needles - in late July.ascorbic acid content of the needles is highest in winter, and at this time it is better to use for the preparation of infusions and vitamin concentrates.Use immediately.