Useful and therapeutic properties of wood mallow ( malva sylvestris )

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Annual or biennial herbaceous plant up to 90 cm tall.Taproot branched.Stem erect or ascending, pubescent.Leaves alternate, long-petiolate, 5-7-lobed, toothed on the edge, rounded-cordate in outline.The flowers are white or pinkish, 2-3 in the leaf axils.Fruit dry, in the remaining cup, breaks up kidney-shaped achene.It blooms from July to September.

malva sylvestris - a common plant in many regions of Russia.It grows as a weed near houses, fences, along roads and in fields.

in the southeast replaced mallow malva sylvestris small and, rarely, mallow neglectful, ubiquitous, and also suitable for therapeutic purposes.

From drug to use flowers, and sometimes leaves and roots of the plant.Flowers are collected when they acquired a pink color, but not yet fully blossomed, roots - in the fall or early spring.

Flowers and leaves contain large amounts of mucus, carotene, vitamin C, sugar, coloring agent.

mallow is used in folk medicine primarily as an anti-inflammatory emollient - inside with diseases of the

larynx, trachea, lung inflammation, inflammatory diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, bronchitis, laryngitis;with painful dry cough, catarrh of the throat and hoarse voice - as a gargle.Often for greater efficiency mallow flowers and leaves of the forest combined with buckwheat flowers, mother-and-stepmother, poppy and wild grass lungwort.

For internal use of the drug mallow flowers and leaves reduces irritation, inflammatory response, a reflex weakens the secretion of bronchial glands.

mucus, having a large adsorption surface, anti-toxic effect, reduces irritating others. Substances.

The flowers and leaves are used together with grass mugwort (Artemisia), chamomile and oat grains in the form of baths with an increase in spleen (her tumor).


strained broth (15 g per 200 ml) drink in diseases of the larynx, trachea and lungs 1 cup 5 times a day.

Broth-mixture 1 (used for the same diseases): Flowers mallow forest, buckwheat, mother and stepmother, wild poppies and grass lungwort mixed evenly, 50 g of a mixture is brewed 5 cups of water and drink 1 cup 5 timesday.

Broth-2 mixture (bath with increasing spleen): 200 grams of leaves and flowers of mallow forest, 150 g herb mugwort, chamomile and oat grains;mixture pour 25 cups of boiled water during the day, evening, boiled, poured into the tub and add the right amount of water.Take a bath at night.