Useful and therapeutic properties of lumbago disclosed ( sleep - grass meadow )

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Perennial herb, blooming in early spring, before leafing.The flowers are large, shirokokolokolchatye, light purple, early flowering slightly drooping, then erect, gustooggushennye with peduncles.The leaves are rounded, trifoliate, with palchatoraz-individual shares.It blooms in April and May.

Grows on dry open slopes, pine forests.It occurs frequently.

Another kind - cross the meadow, different elongated shape of leaves, they double-trizhdyperistorasse-chennye on linear lobes;The flowers are small, uzkokolokolchatye, purple, drooping during flowering.Blooms later - in June, with blossoming leaves.It occurs much less frequently.

From drug to use aboveground part of the plant.

In plants of both species contained ranunkulin substance (in fresh grass) which drying plant is split into glucose and protoanemonin.Protoanemonin split into anemonin, and that in turn - for anemia, a new acid.The plant comprises, in addition, tannins, resins and about 0,19-0,75% saponins.

protoanemonin - mitotic poison, so shou

ld be used with caution!•

In folk medicine, sleep-grass is considered a calming and sleeping pills (hence its name).A decoction of the whole

grass drink in small doses in pulmonary tuberculosis, diseases caused by heavy lifting, gout, rheumatism, neuralgia, migraine, whooping cough, bronchitis, coughs, venereal diseases.Decoction give women during delivery attempts to reduce pain and speed up the delivery, as well as in diseases of the female genital organs.In children, a decoction is used for convulsions or infant spazmofilii.How soothing sleep-grass use externally for rheumatic joint pain, the juice of its leaves rub numb part of the body, treat burns.


Broth: 5 or 10 g per 200 ml;1 tbsp.spoonful every 2-3 hours.

cold infusion:. 2 teaspoons minced plants pour a glass of cold water and leave for 24 hours.Filtered hood drink sips throughout the day.Broth made eyewash.

tincture in vodka rubbed at rheumatism, joint diseases - 20 g per 200 ml of vodka.

is used in homeopathy.

fresh herbs floating in the Russian furnace without water, stand out juice treated burns.