Useful and therapeutic properties of motherwort motherwort five lobes and hairy

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Motherwort hairy - a perennial herb up to 60-150 cm in height.The stem is four-sided, straight, slightly branched.The leaves are opposite, petiolate, 3-5-lobed, coarsely toothed on the edge, with glandular fibers on both sides.The flowers are pink, small, clustered in whorls.Fruit - 4 dark brown rough nut.It blooms from June to September.

Distributed in the south-east in all areas.It grows in floodplains, on bushes, deposits and littered places, on vacant lots, along roads.

the south-east is growing closer view - motherwort Fr Sa-tilopastny.It is also used as a medicinal plant.

Medicinal raw materials are leaves and grass collected during the flowering and dried in the shade or in the dryer.Shelf life 3 years.The smell of raw material is weak, the taste - bitter.

established that the plant is non-toxic, its drugs have a calming effect on the central nervous system, slow the heart rate, increases the strength of cardiac contractions and lower blood pressure;have gipotensivnymi sedan-tive properties.

is used as a sedative, valerian and substituting more efficient.

In practical medicine motherwort preparations are used as substitutes for valerian.Apply them as a means of regulating the functional condition of the central nervous system as a sedative for cardio neuroses.

Infusion of leaves and flowering tops is used in addition with cardiovascular neurosis, hypertension, angina pectoris, kardiosklerosis, myocarditis, heart diseases, Basedow's disease, impotence, as the heart soothing, anti-inflammatory, protivospazmati-cal, as well as regulating the functional activity of the gastrointestinaltract.

established that under the influence of motherwort extract in patients with myocardiopathy decreased shortness of breath, and in patients with essential hypertension, decreased blood pressure, motherwort useful in convulsions.

Outer leaves are used for asthma, leaves with fragrant dill applied with mastitis.


Broth: 20 g per 200 ml;1-2 Art.spoon 3 times a day for 30 minutes before eating.

Broth 1: 1h.spoon in a glass of water, brewed as a tea.Take 1/2 cup 3 times a day (soothing and antispasmodic).

Broth 2: 1 tbsp.spoon on a glass of water to brew as a tea, take (you can with sugar) 1/2 cup 3 times a day (carminative, antispasmodic).

Tincture 30% -I: 30-40 drops, or 20-30 drops 3 times a day.

Fresh juice: 30-40 drops to 1 tablespoon.a spoonful of water three times a day

(with Graves' disease and impotence).

Note.In winter, the fresh juice from canned grass Leonurus: Juice - 2 parts, alcohol - 3 pieces.Take 20-30 drops.

Infusion: 10 g per 100 ml;1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day (soothing).