Useful and therapeutic properties of rue , or odorous

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Perennial herb, sometimes grayish-green shrub.The stem and leaves are bluish-green

of color.Stem erect, branched.Leaves are alternate, thick, double- or trizhdyperistorassechennye.Flowers are yellow-green, collected poluzontichnym inflorescence.Fruit - four-Pyatignezdnaya box with black seeds angular shape.Flowers in June-August.Plant fragrant.

Medical raw material is a herb collected during the flowering period.The whole plant has a strong, peculiar smell, wearing an unpleasant character, but when dried turns into a fragrance reminiscent of the aroma of rose.Taste pungent, bitter.

In fresh plant contains 0.1 to 0.15% essential oils and glycosides rutin having the property to lower blood pressure and strengthen the fragile peripheral blood vessels (capillaries).

In folk medicine, drink a decoction of herbs in diseases of the heart, nervous system disorders, dizziness, headaches associated with vascular spasm, exhaustion, abdominal pain (cramps), with poor digestion in the stomach, convulsions, hyste

ria, epilepsy, whenepi-leptiformnyh convulsions in children, diarrhea, fever, uterine bleeding, rheumatism.

External fresh juice of rue is used for wounds and purulent conjunctivitis, as an antidote for snake bites.

diluted fresh juice or a decoction of herbs it is applied as a lotion to suppurating eyes.The same juice, decoction or powder of herbs mixed with honey is applied to wounds and injuries with bruises.Furthermore, rue is a good tool for refreshing the mouth (the plant is chewed).

most effective juice of the plant, so it is recommended to preserve for the winter, mix 1 part juice (or leaves) with 6 parts alcohol and endure 10 days in a warm dark place, drain (if the juice is made from the leaves).The dosage is the same as when using the tincture.

used for rheumatism, sciatica and as a royal agent in homeopathic medicine collected before flowering fresh herb rue.

leaves are used to flavor drinks, as well as an antidote for snake bites.


Broth: 5 or 10 g per 200 ml;1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.

Tincture 15% -I: 10-15 drops 3 times a day, with headaches, lack of appetite and other gastric diseases..

tea leaf infusion rue and valerian root, taken in equal parts (1/4 cup mixture pour boiling water).During the day the patient drinks 1 glass of this tea, in hysteria give to drink sips.