Useful and therapeutic properties of Salsola Salsola Richter and small-leaved

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

perennial woody or herbaceous plant.The bark is light gray stems, branches - white.The leaves are alternate, thread-like, 40-80 mm.The flowers in the axils of upper leaves.Fruits - nuts with a circular protuberance-wing-fringe.It blooms in August and September.The fruits ripen in late autumn.

However Salsola Richter used solyanka ma-lolistnaya.Solyanka is common in sandy and clay deserts of Central Asia, often with saxaul.

Medicinal raw materials are the fruits.The fruit was terminated on the spot, without breaking off branches and stems and dried immediately, and in folk medicine, they prepare, together with the remnants of the perianth and flowers, they should be well dried.

When collecting Salsola Richter should not be confused with its paletzkiana-bag, or car-Cerkez, occurring in places growing halophytes Richter as an impurity.It is believed that it contains alkaloids and has no medical use, although it is known that extracts from Salsola paletzkiana raise blood pressure.

Salsola Richter contain

s alkaloids salsolin, salsolidin derived isoquinoline, and sal-Somin.

medical use of halophytes have the tincture and alkaloids salsonin salsolidin and having the property to dilate blood vessels, lower blood pressure and exert obscheuspokaivayuschee action.

Officially hydrochloride salts salsolina and salsa Lidina used mainly for the treatment of hypertension, spasms of cerebral vessels and the heart.To enhance the action salsolin salsolidin and should be combined with other vasodilators and sedatives: diuretinom, papaverine, luminol, etc. Assign

salsolin and salsolidin orally at a dose of 0.03 g or subcutaneously with 1 ml of 1% solution...Available salsolin and salsolidin in the form of powder and tablets of 0.03 g Medical application also has an alcohol tincture of halophytes, which is assigned for 40-50 drops 2-3 times a day.

Keep soups preparations with caution (list B).In folk medicine, is technically difficult to produced drugs successfully replace a decoction or infusion of up to 70 ° alcohol or vodka (in the ratio 1: 5), which has a greater effect on the body by the same disease: high blood pressure, headache, dizziness and discomfortin the heart of nerves.Popularly known soothing soups, it is used in many diseases.


Broth: 20 g per 200 ml;Article by half.spoons 2-3 times a day.

Tincture: 1 tbsp.chopped fruit 1/2 cup of vodka;30-40 drops 2-3 times a day.