Useful and therapeutic properties Thermopsis lancet ( myshatnika drunk herb)

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Perennial herb with an unpleasant smell of a mouse.Rhizome long, branched, creeping, almost horizontal.Stem erect, simple or branched, belovatoopushenny.The leaves are trifoliate, grayish-green, with large stipules, as well as leaves, lanceolate.Flowers are yellow, the wrong (butterfly), large, in your hands.Fruits - beans, linear, with a spout.It blooms in June and July.The seeds ripen in August-September.

Occurs in the steppe regions of the South-East, the Volga, and others. Areas.It grows on moist solonetzic meadows, steppes, grassy slopes, fields.

Medicinal raw materials are grass and seeds.It is going grass during flowering, and seeds - at maturity.

collection and drying should be done with caution, bearing in mind that the plant is strongly poisonous!

Store raw materials in compliance with the rules of storage of poisonous plants.

In the grass contains alkaloids termopsin, Homotherium-mopsin, metiltsitizin, cytisine, pahikarpin (d-sportein) anagirin.Besides alkaloids contained ester - termopsi

lantsin fissile during hydrolysis to aglyu con and glucose, saponins, tannins, resins, mucus, traces of essential oils and ascorbic acid (about 285 mg%).The seeds contain alkaloids (2-3%), represented mainly cytisine.The main active ingredients are termopsin, cytisine and pahikarpin.

Thermopsis lancet is partially substitute imported ipecac and lobeline.

preparation of herbs in general has expectorant, in large doses - emetic effect (along with ipecac preparations).The alkaloids contained in the plant, possess diverse action.So cytisine (to a lesser extent metiltsitizin) stimulates respiration, increases blood pressure, depresses pahikarpin components of the autonomic nervous system, improves muscle tone;termopsin excites the vomiting center (small doses have expectorant action, and large - cause vomiting).Another alkaloid - anagirin experiment shows the action close cytisine, and has a curare-like properties.

In medical practice, drugs Thermopsis (infusion, powder and dry extract of herbs) are used as an expectorant for various inflammatory diseases of the respiratory tract.The deepening and quickening breath

observed when receiving Thermopsis, in turn, helps to remove phlegm.

solution alkaloid cytisine (tsititon) is used to excite respiration.Pahikarpin indicated for peripheral vascular spasm, hypertension, and to speed up labor.The powder of dry plant has insecticidal properties, as a contact poison action;there are indications that decoctions of herbs are used as a sedative.

thermopsis In folk medicine used as an expectorant in catarrh of the upper respiratory tract;with pneumonia and, in addition, as a vermifuge, the flu, fever, intestinal atony, headache.

should be careful, because they are highly active substances (List B) In appointing Thermopsis drugs.Higher doses of grass Thermopsis (adult): single - 0.1 grams daily - 0,3 g


decoction or infusion of eight:.. 0.6 g per 200 ml, ie 1/10 h.spoon on a glass of water;use 1 tbsp.spoon 3-5 times a day.

Broth for children: 0.2 g per 100 ml;for 1 h. spoon 3-4 times a day.

Powdered herbs: adults - 0.1 g 3 times a day;children under two years of age - at 0,032 g

infusion of herbs: 0.6-1 g per 180-200 ml of water;1 tbsp.spoon 3-4 times a day.