Useful properties of myrtle

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

sellova Feijoa (Feijoa sellowiana Berg.)

Feijoa - spreading evergreen shrub myrtle family
with small silver-gray elliptical leaves from the bottom, in the axils of which sit solitary or collected in inflorescence pink flowers.

Branches plant grayish-yellow, brittle.The leaves are small, opposite, entire, thick, leathery, shiny on top and silvery gray underneath.Flowers in June.Flowers axillary, solitary or 2-5, larger, monoecious, four-bladed.The leaves are fleshy, sweetish, edible, outside white, inside purple-pink.The number of 50-80 stamens, pistil one.

Fruit - an elongated oval or rounded polyspermous berry.Peel the fruit is thick.Weight of fruit - from 15 to 130 g Flesh is creamy in color, sour-sweet, dense, with a pleasant smell.Bears fruit feijoa with 3-4-year life.The seeds are very small.

Homeland -Yuzhnaya America.On the Black Sea coast of the Caucasus feijoa it was introduced in the late XIX century and early XX and the southern coast of Crimea.Industrial plantations are in Georgia,

Azerbaijan, in the Crimea, as well as - in the subtropical regions of Krasnodar Krai.This plant is suitable for cultivation in the room conditions.

A remarkable feature of myrtle berries is the presence of water-soluble compounds of iodine (in 1 kg of fresh fruit - from 2-10 mg), whereby the fruits are especially appreciated as a remedy for thyroid disease and atherosclerosis.

In nature

natural climatic conditions: dry subtropics.

often cultivated as a plant with edible fruits.In natural conditions - a tree in room - bush;Leaves are opposite, leathery, glossy top light green, pubescent below, silvery-gray;flowers solitary or in corymbose inflorescences, white, many, fruit - berry.

requirement to moisture: moderate watering.

Temperature: tolerates low temperatures.

Light mode: photophilous plant.

requirement to soil: optimum ground from turf, humus and peat lands and sand in a ratio of 1: 1: 2: 1.

Propagation: seeds, semilignified cuttings, layering, root suckers, grafting.

Features: requires pruning to form the crown.For fruit you need artificial pollination.

Growing indoor

widely used in landscaping rooms, balconies and winter gardens especially, where it reaches a maximum of 0.8 - 1 m in height.

Leaves - oval shaped, pale green on the upper side and silvery gray, pubescent - from the bottom.The flowers are red or pink color.Flowering long (May - June).

The main advantage of this plant - the unique taste and aroma of the fruit rounded bright green color, which mature in November.The average weight of up to 30 - 50 g Aroma and taste reminiscent of strawberries and pineapple.

♦ Placement . plant winter best kept cool in a bright room with a temperature of 8 - 12 ° C or in the conservatory at 20 - 25 ° C and 80-85% humidity.In summer, make a well in the garden or on the balcony.

♦ Care. to soil conditions Feijoa not demanding, suitable conventional flower substrate.In the first 2-3 years due to the strong growth of the root system of the transplant should be performed annually.When transplanting be sure to keep the soil ball and the plant does not bury.Later transplant to do once in 3 years.

best substrate for growing feijoa is sredneschelochnoy Universal flower soil "Azalea."

summer watering - abundant in the winter - a moderate.Feijoa is very demanding on the fertilizing during flowering and fruit set.Therefore, we recommend 1 per month from April to September, to use a universal fertilizer "Flower" or liquid concentrated fertilizer "Rainbow".

The hottest time once a day, the plants were sprayed with water at room temperature.

♦ Pests and disease - the most common pests are scale insects, scale insects and the diseases - gray mold and leaf spot.

♦ Reproduction - seeds.Sowing seeds is carried out in January - March to a depth of 0.3 - 0.5 mm.First shoots substrate at a temperature of 20 - 25 ° C appear within 2 weeks.

Use in cooking

Feijoa Fruits are used fresh, as well as unique ones prepared jams, juices, jams, wine.Fine liquors are obtained from the flower petals.

Feijoa pureed with sugar

fruits of feijoa is passed through a meat grinder, add in a lot of sugar per 1 kg of fruit - 1.2 kg of sugar.

salad feijoa

on the islands of New Zealand feijoa fruit prepare original salad, which cut them into slices and add walnuts and mayonnaise, the resulting mass spread on lettuce leaves, sprinkled with grated cheese on top.


distinctive and very valuable quality is the high content of feijoa fruit vitamin P, C, B, E, biologically active substances, as well as easily assimilated by the body of iodine per person (15-30 mg%).This is Feijoa and medicinal plants.Particularly useful are the fruits of a feijoa in thyroid diseases, atherosclerosis in the elderly, hypertension.

The fruit is eaten fresh or processed.From them prepare jams, jellies, marmalades, fruit drinks, liqueurs, cordials.Very tasty and healthy raw jam (minced fruit mixed with sugar).Put in a glass, tightly closing dishes and refrigerate.There are at least 2-3 times a day before meals for 1-3 tablespoons per day.Feijoa is good and just fresh.It contains iodine, sugars, organic acids, vitamins, pectin, essential oil.Feijoa contains a lot of iron and therefore indicated for iron deficiency anemia.

feijoa is particularly recommended for the elderly because it is a disease, such as atherosclerosis, often at this time it begins to gain momentum.Here is one of the most effective recipe of atherosclerosis: mince 2 lemon and 500 g of pineapple guava, add 1 cup of honey.Take 1 hour after a meal and 1 tablespoon 3 times a day.

When fatigue, poor memory, weakening of attention well to the following composition: 1 cup walnuts, 300 g Feijoa mince and add 1/2 cup honey.Take optional as fatigue before the mental work.

Bronchitis mix pulp 200 g Feijoa, 1 lemon, 100 g of cranberries, 100 g viburnum, add 1 kg of sugar and 1.5 cups of honey.It turns out tasty, fragrant, healing remedy.Take 1-2 tablespoons 5-6 times a day.It can be added as a jam in the infusion of herbs, especially if it contains unpleasant, gorchaschie grass.

When thyroid disease: chop 3 lemons, 1 grapefruit, 2 oranges, 2 tangerines, 500 g Feijoa and add 1 cup of honey.Take 1 tablespoon 15-20 minutes before meals.