Useful and therapeutic properties of Viola tricolor

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

(pansies, willow-wheat)

One-biennial herbaceous plant up to 30 cm. The root of the thin, branching.Stem thin, triangular, hollow, branching.Leaves are alternate, short or sessile, all with stipules pinnate, lower - rounded-cordate, upper - elliptical.Tricolor flower (petals at the top of a dark blue or purple, the bottom - yellow and sometimes white on the sides).On this basis it is easy to distinguish from the fragrant violets, petals whose purple.However, the main difference from Viola tricolor violet fragrant - in the absence of her violet smell.Fruit - unilocular, ovoid capsule, opening with three doors.It flowers from April to autumn.

Viola tricolor often grows fragrant with violets in the woods, between bushes, on glades and clearings.

In the fields, fallow lands, roadsides, wastelands found at a close view - violet field, which differs from the three-color smaller flowers, white top, bright yellow middle and lower lobes.

Medical raw material is the grass without roots of these species under t

he name Viola tricolor, collected during flowering (not later than June).Drying normal, but soon.

herb contains mucilage, a salt of tartaric acid, salicylic acid, vitamin C and others.

Preparations violets have expectorant, emollient, diaphoretic and diuretic.In scientific medicine is used as Viola tricolor otharkiva

yuschee bronchitis, laryngitis, as the slimy and enveloping - gastritis, diuretic - with stagnation (in the form of infusion 1:10).Because herbs are prepared neo-triviolin herbal medicine, which is applied in droplets when coughing.

In folk medicine, Viola tricolor used for rickets, rheumatism, scrofula, gout, colds, coughs, as a diaphoretic, expectorant, externally - with skin tuberculosis in children from boils, bleeding, diathesis, baby eczema, skin diseases, and others.

The herb broth bathe children allow to drink at diathesis, baby eczema, skin tuberculosis in children from boils, colds, female diseases, bleeding, bathe the children with rickets, making lotions for eczema, scrofula;toothache broth rinse their mouths;drink a decoction of chest pain, stuttering.Also Viola tricolor is used for the same purpose grass field violet.


Broth: 20 g per 200 ml;take 1 / 2-1 glass 2-3 times a day (expectorant) or 1 tbsp.spoon 3 times a day.

Tincture: 30% th;20-30 drops 3 times a day.Powder (for children), sometimes with sugar;yield 0.2-0.5 g at 2-4 times a day.

Infusion: 20 g per 1 cup boiling water;half a cup or 1 glass 3 times a day.

Abuse of large doses causes irritation of intestines!

herbal tea drink for rheumatism, scrofula, rickets, lung diseases, gout, rheumatism and rheumatoid arthritis, atherosclerosis, nervous attacks, metabolic disorders.