Useful and therapeutic properties of the drug chernokornya

August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

seroopushennoe Biennial plant 40-100 cm tall, with an unpleasant smell of a mouse, disappearing when dry.Taproot vertical subramose to 1-2.5 cm in diameter.Stems solitary, less the amount of 2-3, grooved at the top of silnovetvistye, myagkovolosistye.Leaves prizhatoopushennye, bottom almost felt;radical - oblong-lanceolate, turning into petioles;stem leaves reduced upwards, lanceolate, acute;lower ones stalked, medium and verhnie- sessile.Inflorescence paniculate, consisting of a few curls.Flowers pyatichlen-nye.Corolla funnel-shaped, dirty dark red,

sometimes red-blue, rarely white, with a five-blade contour.Stamens 5, located in the corolla tube.Pestle with top chetyrehlopastnym, chetyrehgnezdnoy ovary.The fruit consists of four nutlets.Blossoms in May-June in the northern regions - in July and August.

In Russia - widespread plant-weed.It is found along roads, near houses, vacant lots and meadows in all areas.

Medicinal raw materials are roots and digs in August and September, and leaves collected

during flowering.The raw material consists of long, narrow leaves with or without their petioles.The color of his gray-green;peculiar smell;astringent taste.

Last chernokoren used in medical practice as a means of soothing the pain and relieves cramps.Alkaloid tsinoglossin has chicken-repodobnym action, but as a strong poison, not found application.

There are indications that rats and mice can not tolerate the smell of this plant;collected in the autumn of basal leaves and stems with seeds, put into the cellar, where the stored potatoes and so on. e., have a beneficial effect with regard to its protection against rats.Rodents disappeared from these cellars, ceased to gnaw through wooden walls and dig tunnels in the ground.Recommend sow this plant near the apiary, and the roots in the fall and the stems and leaves scatter in omshanike to the mouse did not penetrate into the hive.Chernokoren planted in gardens to protect the trees and flower gardens from mice.

The roots and seeds of the plant contain alkaloids tsinoglossein, glyukoalkaloid kansolidin, inulin, resin, bitter, volatile oil and fat.

In folk medicine used as a stomach remedy for diseases of the lungs, as a sedative, analgesic, expectorant, as well as cramps, hemoptysis, cough, diarrhea, in the form of lotions - for burns, snake bites.

Topical ointments or lotions - for boils, bites of snakes and rabid dogs (if you can not

provide emergency medical assistance), this time with crushed leaves or roots.Chernokoren also used for burns, joint pains, rheumatism, aching of bones, in which case the root powder is mixed with fat and rubbed sore spots.Tincture of vodka poured wounds and take drops in internal diseases.


decoction of the root or leaves 5 g per 200 ml;for half hour. spoon 3 times a day.

Tincture a 10%: 5-10 drops 3 times a day.Fresh juice is used as well as a tincture.For pains in the joints and cancer insist fault root (root 100 g per 500 ml of wine) for 5 days.Drink 30 ml 3 times per day.