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August 12, 2017 17:59 | Drug Plants

Some poisonous plants synthesize biologically active substances - alkaloids - ive strictly defined doses are used as drugs.

That plant is henbane, which is used to treat patients with ancient times.However, high doses can cause poisoning bleached.

two-year herbaceous plant up to 50-90 cm in height, with an unpleasant odor.Taproot branched.Stem erect, branched, with glandular pubescence and sticky.Leaves are ovate, vyemchatoperistonad-cut, petiolate, verhnesidyachie, amplexicaul.Flowers dirty yellow with purple veins in wavy curls.Fruit - dvuhgnezdnaya box (krynochka), opening lid.Seeds numerous, dark brown or black.The plant in the first year produces only a rosette of leaves, stems grow in the second year.It blooms from June to sentyabr.Stebel straight, pubescent soft glandular hairs.The leaves are oblong-oval, vyemchatozubchatye.Radical leaves - petioles.Flowers clustered at the tips of stems, have a large and dirty-yellow with dark purple veins nimbus.Fruit - capsule with small brownish-gray seeds.

henbane grows in weedy places, in kitchen gardens, orchards, roadsides.Wild plants for medicinal purposes is not harvested.All parts of the plant contain toxic alkaloids atropine group.The seeds also contain a bitter glucoside, resins, fatty oil.It seeds, palatable and reminiscent of poppy seeds, often cause poisoning.

first signs of poisoning is a dilation of the pupils, dizziness, facial flushing, excessive excitement, accompanied by delusions and hallucinations.

black henbane occurs throughout the European part of Russia.It grows everywhere around housing on brownfield sites, along roads, in deposits and fields as a weed.Sometimes it forms a rather large thickets on deposits.

Medicinal raw materials are leaves and seeds, sometimes the tops of stems with flowers.

necessary to comply with the rules of storage of poisonous plants, t. To. The plant is very poisonous!

seeds harvested in late August and early September, and the leaves - during flowering, and in dry weather.Store raw materials in a dry, dark place.Shelf life - 2 years.The henbane leaves contain alkaloids - hyoscyamine, atropine and scopolamine.

black henbane alkaloids possess atropinopodob nym action, t. E. Have an antispasmodic effect on smooth muscle, enhance pupils, increased intraocular pressure, causing paralysis of accommodation, inhibit the secretion of the glandular system, speeds up the heart.Actions henbane alkaloids on the central nervous system are distinct: hyoscyamine increases the excitability of the nervous system, and scopolamine - lowers.In medical practice, henbane and its drugs are prescribed both internally and externally.Inside - as a means of painkillers and antispasmodic;topically applied bleached oil as an anesthetic

composed rubbing neuralgia, myositis, arthritis and rheumatic pains.

powder from the leaves of henbane is a part astmatola, used in bronchial asthma.

alcohol tincture of henbane is used in combination with sunflower oil for rubbing at pains in joints and muscles.

mixture of dried leaves of henbane, datura and sage are used to smoking in bronchial asthma.

In folk medicine, this herb is recommended for dysentery, chorea (vibrating conveyor), convulsive vomiting, in convulsions of various origins.

Externally applied the leaves and seeds of henbane for fumigation for toothache, various forms of neuralgia, and oil out of it - for gout and injuries (as a painkiller).

originals fumigation method for toothache, popularly known: in the iron kettle put burning coals, they sprinkled the seeds of henbane, close lid and spout, from which goes smoke from seeds, bring to the aching tooth.The pain subsides.


extract 0.25 grams of dried henbane leaves per 100 ml of boiling water, evaporated a long time, until the mixture becomes thick;or 1/20 of the teaspoonful to a glass of water.Ingest 2 to extract a drop of 1 Art.a spoonful of water three times a day.

Tincture: 15 g of crushed leaves of henbane per 100 ml of alcohol or vodka, take 2 drops to 1 tablespoon.a spoonful of water three times a day.

powder: 0.03 g (on the tip of a penknife) 3 times a day.

Oil: 15 or 30 pieces of crushed seeds per 100 parts of oil (sunflower) insist 8-10 days.

Another kind of henbane - Bohemian henbane - an annual plant.It differs from the previous lack of rozetoch-tion of leaves, stems simple, thin unbranched roots, leaves and slabovyemchatymi late flowering in late summer.There is also growing on vacant lots.

thick and dry extracts from the leaves and grass henbane as an antispasmodic and analgesic agents are used in medical practice - as well as black henbane.

Picture poisoning bleached and assistance in it are the same as for narcotic poisoning.See. Datura ordinary.

Indications: used in powders, pills, medicines like anti-spasmodic and analgesic agent for diseases associated with spasms of smooth muscles of the stomach, intestines.

Harvesting and storage: medicinal raw materials are leaves, that require immediate drying.In the first year of vegetation they are collected in late summer, for the second year - the beginning of flowering, harvest in dry weather with caution (gloves, goggles).Dried immediately after harvesting at a temperature of 40 ° C.Drying is considered complete if the leaf petioles break when bent.Store in a sealed container for 2 years.

Dosage Form: all drugs henbane very active biologically, therefore, require caution.Use them with the purpose of treatment is possible only under a doctor's supervision.

Pharmacy shape: «henbane dry extract" - a single dose of 0.1 g for adults, a daily dose of 0.3 g;"Oil Belene" - is used as an external to the friction with myositis, neuralgia.